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Firefox now has ad blocker and it causes issues with sites I visit. I don't know how to modify it; I am not using in private browsing. It's on all the time.

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I no longer see ads when I read email, look at a magazine or newspaper article etc. Some sites don't like this and won't let me view what's on them because I am blocking ads. I have looked at Options>Privacy and Security>Tracking Protection and it is not turned on. It is only on when I use a privacy window which I am not using. I have no idea where to look to be able to modify this. I have cookies enabled.

I will admit I have far fewer crashes now that the ads do not display in email and I am happy about that but when a site I belong to won't let me read there because ads are blocked that becomes a problem. Do I have any control over this feature? I only use Firefox on my pc that runs Win 7 Professional and I use version 60.3 esr 32 bit because I still run into situations where Java is required and it was explained in an earlier question that I should use Firefox esr because of this.

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Your System Details shows; Extensions DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Check its settings.

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Not Ad blocking https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tracking-protection

You are likely not encountering sites that still makes use of the NPAPI Java Plugin from Oracle as Firefox 52.0 and later Release have only allowed the NPAPI flash Player Plugin to run. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/npapi-plugins

Yes I know you said Firefox 60 ESR however it was the now EOL Firefox 52 ESR that allowed other NPAPI Plugins besides Flash to run

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Note that DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials uses a tracking list that is similar as used by tracking protection.

Because Firefox 60.3.0 doesn't support plugins other than Flash there is no reason not to use the current Firefox release (63.0.1).

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OK. So it is more than likely that Duck, Duck Go is the culprit as to why I am not seeing ads. That's fine. I don't mind not seeing ads; as I said I am crashing less now that I don't see them.

So you think that sites I visit that still use Java is causing the issue? Firefox can't be the only browser around not supporting it so why are sites still dependent on it? I know you aren't in charge of that but I think it's kind of odd. It can be frustrating especially if you want to look at stuff at the site.

I didn't know that this version of FF doesn't support Java. So using the regular version of FF is ok with Win7? Do I get rid of Java on my computer? What else should I clean out?

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tek360 said

OK. So it is more than likely that Duck, Duck Go is the culprit as to why I am not seeing ads... Do I get rid of Java on my computer? What else should I clean out?
  • What Extensions do you have?
  • Having more than one Ad/Script Blocker can be tough at times tracking problems when things go goofy. For me, I have to watch out for Avast, Disconnect and uBlock Origin, let alone FF's settings.
  • Watch out for troubleshooting with some of these Blockers, such as I had when I had AdBlock Plus: Even though I had it Disabled, it wasn't until I cleared-out the user-added scripts from the box which then cleared a problem I had.
  • Java: I dumped that a few years ago. Any site using it now is stubborn or not being aware they should've dumped it long, long ago.


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Hi tek360, most extensions that block content have a toolbar button that allows you to make exceptions. When a site complains that you have blocked too much, trying making an exception to see whether that resolves it.

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tek360 said

So you think that sites I visit that still use Java is causing the issue? Firefox can't be the only browser around not supporting it so why are sites still dependent on it?

Only a minority of sites out there may still make some use of the Java Plugin from Oracle.

Chromium, Chrome, and Opera completely dropped support of NPAPI Plugins back in Sept 2015 which included the Java Plugin. http://www.chromium.org/developers/npapi-deprecation

Right now only IE still allows the ever vulnerable Java Plugin to run.

Even Oracle has been in process of depreciating the Java Plugin for a good while now as it is not in Java 9 while still in Java 8.

Just to be certain the JavaScript and the Java Plugin are two different things. JavaScript was originally going to be called LiveScript which would have reduced this confusion over the years. http://kb.mozillazine.org/JavaScript_is_not_Java

There is also a Java web start that may be an option but that is something I not have used and you likely do not need.


Also many sites have been using HTML5 player either instead of or along side Flash Player Plugin to be more cross platform. Adobe is discontinuing the Flash Player at end of 2020.

So the reliance of NPAPI Plugins have changed over the years.

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1.The only extension I have is Duck, Duck, Go Privacy Essentials. I see the icon. I just had no clue that it did anything but open the site. When FF redesigned, the top became transparent and I have background theme art that makes seeing the different icons more difficult than it used to be when it was solid. No, I am not getting rid of my background art.

2. Yes I have had to override some of FF's stops in order to get to the next page on websites that they deem to have certificates with issues but they are sites I use so I create the exception. I haven't been stopped by DDG yet that I know of.

3. I understand Javascript isn't Java plug in and don't think you need an executable program to run it so getting rid of Java won't get rid of Javascript.

4. By 2020 I"ll have a new computer so it won't be an issue. I have never heard of HTML5 but I don't keep on top of everything new in technology.

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If you prefer a solid color for the top of the browser, you can try a theme:


What I meant about an exception was an exception to what the DDB add-on is blocking so the page can load fully.

You should never need to make security certificate exceptions for well-run sites. If you have to do it more than twice a year, we may need to help you investigate the problem to rule out potential malware on your system.

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Yes I have been stopped due to certificate issues a lot more than twice this year however I have not always extended the exception. It is always because FF can't establish a secure connection with the site due to: website address doesn't match certificate, certificate is out of date, isn't from a trusted source, or some general problem. I run AVG premium Internet Security + PC Tuneup. I run scans regularly.

It's ok about the print I have on the top of the browser. I'll keep it.

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tek360 said

The only extension I have is Duck, Duck, Go Privacy Essentials.

Former, problematic Extensions for me were:

  • NoScript
  • AdBlock Plus
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • DuckDuckGo P.E.

Along with Avast, I now have these Extensions:

  • uBlock Origin
  • Disconnect

Just saying. Your Mileage May Vary.


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Why was Duck Duck Go PE problematic for you?

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tek360 said

Why was Duck Duck Go PE problematic for you?
  • With AdBlock Plus, it was a Memory Hog issue.
  • With DuckyDuckyStop and the others, it was higher maintenance to get to Websites (such as, 'Security Issues') or to track-down some parts of the site not working.
  • DuckDuck was the most problematic for me.
  • My current lineup is working better.
  • I really don't like to overlap with similar Extensions, so I may Disable Disconnect for a while and see how uBlock Origin does on its own.