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firefox internet speed slow in verizon fios until I use another browser. When I return to firefox speed very much inproved = to other browsers

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Each time I run verizon's fios speed test in fire fox the results are very slow until I use another browser,IE, chrome, then back to firefox and rerun speed test. The speed increases = to other browsers. I have another computer on the same network but with win 7 instead of win 8.1 and do not have this problem. This has occurred over several months ,versions and updates of fire fox. I have tried many fixes to no avail. I like fire fox and want to stay with it.

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Hi karnack1, Thank you for your question and I am happy to help you. I understand that you have tried a few remedies for internet speed on Windows 7 in Firefox for Desktop. In order to better assist you can you please mention what was tried and if you are using a proxy or not, as well as a firewall or antivirus. Thank you.

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My problem is on the computer running win 8.1. The computer running win 7 does not have the problem on the same network. Running ms home network. anti virus is mcafee 2014 total and anti-malware. If I run verizon's speed test on IE first then use it on fire fox, fire foxes speed is OK.