Lightning User Interface

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This article describes various features about the Lightning user interface.

Lightning components

After installing the Lightning Addon, you will find the following user interface components added to Thunderbird:

  • Today Pane - an optional Lightning pane on the right side of your mail tabs or Lightning tabs
  • Calendar Tab - containing the main calendar and holiday calendars
  • Tasks Tab - containing all current tasks and ways for you to configure them
  • Two buttons on the right of Thunderbird's tab bar: "Switch to Calendar Tab" and "Switch to Tasks Tab"

Switching between Mail tabs and Lightning tabs

To switch between Mail tabs and Lightning tabs, you can choose one of the following ways:

  • via the Lightning toolbar buttons on the tab bar
  • via the following keyboard shortcuts
    • Calendar tab: Ctrl + Shift + CCmd + Shift + C
    • Tasks tab: Ctrl + Shift + DCmd + Shift + D
    • Main Mail tab: Ctrl + 1Cmd + 1
  • via the Events and Tasks menu from the main menu bar at the top

Today Pane

The Today Pane allows you to have a quick overview of your tasks and events for the coming period as well as creating new tasks and events.

Opening and Closing the Today Pane

This Pane can be switched on and off in two ways:

  • Hit the F11 key on your keyboard.
  • Go to the View menu, select Today Pane and choose the Show Today Pane option.

You can also switch this pane off by using the x button in the right top corner of the pane.

Today pane components

The Today pane has 3 view modes:

  • Events (Mini Calendar)
  • Events and Tasks (Mini Calendar and Mini Tasks list)
  • Tasks (Mini Tasks list)

You can switch between these view modes using the < and > buttons at the top of the Today pane.

Mini Calendar

The Mini Calendar is only visible when the Today Pane with Events is visible. It has 3 view modes:

  • Show Mini-Day
  • Show Mini-Month
  • Show none

You can switch between these modes using the View | Today Pane submenu.

Show completed tasks

  1. Go to View
  2. Go to Calender
  3. then go to Current View
  4. Tasks in View and select show completed Tasks

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