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after reinstalling firefox 4.0.01 I cannot reinstall delicious tag button

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4.0.1 was working great. Upgraded to firefox 5. when I tried to log on to many sites firefox would say loading site for an hour or so and never load site. After it stuck on one site no sites would load. Close firefox and try to reload and get message firefox was already running. Task manager could not shut it down so I would have to reboot. I unistalled firefox 5 and reinstalled firefox 4.0.1. Now firefox 4.0.1 is sometimes doing the same thing as 5. before upgrade 4.0.1 was working great. I need to reinstall delicious bookmark extenson for firefox for work. When I go to the website firefox just says loading but never completes. any help would be appreciated. I am limited to IE for most of my internet surfing now because I use my computer for work and cannot be rebooting my computer 10 times a day.