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Firefox 91.0.2 not retaining cookies/site data despite still being there

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I have the latest Firefox update, and noticed that if I delete one site's cookie, then the cookies for other sites, my logins, and site data just disappear when I go onto the site despite it still being in the data when I check Settings.

One example is if I delete Twitter's cookies and then go to Discord, I'm somehow logged out of Discord, and some other sites loose my settings despite the fact that they are still there in the data untouched.

I have tried adding these sites to the Exceptions list, but the same thing still happens. I am not in Private Browsing Mode (nor have I ever used it), and I don't have Firefox set to delete cookies/site data when closed.

This started happening sometime after I updated to 91.0.2. I'm not sure if the update broke something or there's some other issue going on.

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Still experiencing this issue.

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Wanna add that I've updated to 93.0 and this issue is still happening.

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