Task Manager - see what tabs or extensions are slowing down Firefox

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This feature is available on a newer version of Firefox. Update Firefox to the latest release to use this new feature.

Firefox's Task Manager feature lets you see which tabs or extensions are using a lot of memory or energy. To see the Task Manager:

Open the Task Manager

  1. Click the menu button fx57menu .
  2. Click More.
  3. Click Task Manager. Task Manager will open in a new tab.
    task manager 65
Tip: You can also type in about:performance in the address bar to open the Task Manager page.

Actions within the Task Manager

Hovering over an item in the Task Manager will show more details about that that tab or extension's performance. It will also show an available action in the right column:

  • Tabs: Close tabs
  • Add-ons: Open the add-on page in a new tab.
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