Print simplified, clutter-free pages in Firefox

טרם התקבל סיוע בתרגום המאמר הזה. אם ידוע לך איך עובד התרגום ב־SUMO, אנו מזמינים אותך להתחיל לתרגם כעת. אם ברצונך ללמוד לתרגם מאמרים ל־SUMO, כדאי להתחיל כאן.

Firefox lets you print pages in a simplified format that strips away clutter like buttons, ads, and background images, for better readability and paper/ink savings.

Use one of these methods to print clutter-free pages in Firefox:

Select Simplified format in print settings

  1. Click on the menu button Fx89menuButton and then click Print…. A print preview and print settings will be displayed.
  2. Click on More settings in the right panel to see additional print settings.
  3. Go down to Format settings and select Simplified. The print preview will change to a simplified version.
  4. Click Print.
Note: Format settings will be missing if a simplified version of the page is unavailable or if you have turned on Reader View for the page before printing.

Turn on Reader View before printing

To get a print-friendly view, turn on Reader View for the page before printing: Before and after Simplify page

  1. If a page is available in Reader View, the Reader View icon reader mode icon 57Reader view icon - inactive will appear in the address bar.
  2. Click on the Reader View icon reader mode icon 57Reader view icon - inactive. The icon will turn blue when the page is in Reader View.
  3. Click the menu button Fx89menuButton to open the menu panel.
  4. Click Print to preview the page and print it.

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