How do I reset Mozilla VPN?

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The VPN reset functionality is a feature that lets you clear all Mozilla VPN data and settings and returns it to the state it was when you first installed it.

When should a reset be considered?

A VPN reset can be used to troubleshoot your device when you’re experiencing instability or crashes with the application and other options fail.

Preferences removed by Mozilla VPN reset

  • Recent connections
  • Language app preferences
  • Enabled privacy features
  • Custom DNS preferences
  • Excluded apps
  • App notification preferences
Note: Resetting Mozilla VPN will sign you out of your Mozilla account, you must sign back in to continue. Your account will not be deleted.

How to reset Mozilla VPN

To reset Mozilla VPN follow these steps:

  1. Open Mozilla VPN and sign in with your Mozilla account.
  2. On the bottom right side of your screen, select the Settings button.
  3. Select Help.
  4. Select Reset VPN.
    Reset VPN button
  5. Click or tap the Reset VPN button.
    Reset VPN click
  6. Confirm the reset by clicking or tapping the Reset and quit button.
    Confirm VPN reset
  7. A loading screen will appear while all settings and preferences are cleared.
  8. You will be signed out of your Mozilla VPN app and redirected to the sign in screen.

Congratulations! The VPN reset is done. You will need to sign back in to Mozilla VPN using your Mozilla account email address and password.

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