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Pages and icons (in the tabs and navigation bars) are too big due to 22 upgrade

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Due to FF22 upgrade (from 21), all my icons (from webpages, addons and regular buttons) and tabs have got bigger and that's really ugly because of the low resolution of the images. Also considering I have a rather big number of tabs I can just see a smaller number of them and it's annoying. The zoom of the page is now bigger (given that I has already zoom in in version 21, now the pages are too big and I have to zoom out a page that was correctly zoomed in 21) Surprisingly the menu bar is intact !

Is that a new graphic convention ? Is there an update of something like GTK+ in this new version that could be responsible of this bug ? And mainly is there anyway to fix it ?

My screen resolution is 1920*1080. And for example with chromium or FF21 the menu have the perfect size.

PS: Sorry for my poor English.

Athraithe ag flofl0 ar

Réiteach roghnaithe

hello, firefox 22 is now respecting the pixel density you've set on a system level in the windows control panel > appearance > display. more information about that is availbale at

if you want to set the text size/pixel density in firefox different from that of your system's settings like it was handled in prior versions, enter about:config into the firefox address bar (confirm the info message in case it shows up) & search for the preference named layout.css.devPixelsPerPx. double-click it and change its value to 1.0 (or any other zoom factor that fits your purpose; -1.0 is the default value and will adhere to the system settings).

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ABSOLUTELY horrible patch. This is simply unacceptable. I just made an account to write this comment.

It was perfect before, now all icons are screwed and blurry, god I hate blurry things in screen. I'm sitting here for 30 minutes trying every single value to make it look like it used to look for 10 years.

1.1 is not good, my windows zoom is 125%, so I try 1.25 it is still too big.

I'm literally trying every single value.... 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 and still even size looks alright icons are blurry. Just make this ridiciluous thing optional or I will have to switch my browser after million years.

edit* After trying all values I can easily say there is no single value to match what it was before. It is supposed to be 1.23 or so but step size is 0.05 and 1.2 is too small, 1.25 is too big and now I can never revert this stupid patch. So frustrating...

Athraithe ag acheron55 ar

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Please HELP.

I tried a few values but now my page is so small it's not functional. Address bar is barely a slit, no readable text.

Please HELP, I have no browser right now.

I obviously can't change it from the browser, so what do I do?

Thank You

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hello beatfarmer, you can perform the following steps to change the value again "blindly":

  1. open firefox and press ctrl +L (this will put the focus into the location bar)
  2. type about:config
  3. press enter twice
  4. type devpix
  5. press the tab key
  6. press enter
  7. type 1.0
  8. press enter again & hopefully you should be back to normal visibility now
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Could one of you post acceptable and not acceptable values to put in there, since it will disable your browser? thanks in advance.

I actually would like a different setting and appreciate your help, but I don't think people know what these positive and negative numbers represent, so "whatever setting you like" isn't really applicable.

thanks again.

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it is like a zoom factor: 1.0 equals 100%, 0.9 = 90%, 1.2 =120% and so on.

start from 1.0 and increase/decrease in steps of 0.05 until you find a value that works for you.

in case you have used an addon to change the default zoom size before you've installed firefox 22, you might want to remove that first, so that it doesn't add a distortion to the results...

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Thank you very much. It was the -1 that threw me.

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My solution to this was to reinstall FF 21. I see others who have tried to fix their problem have created a new one. That's why when I saw the warning after typing in about:config I quit right then and there and went back to the old version.

I really like this site because there are so many people willing to help. Just keep in mind that if a person is here looking for help, ASSUME THEY KNOW NOTHING. So, like beatfarmer says, "whatever setting you like" isn't helping much.

It's ironic how when a new version comes out, they warn you, like if you keep the old version, you are doomed to hackers, etc. So, wasn't it always that way while we were innocently assuming we were safe? When I reinstalled version 21 I got 2 warnings about being unsafe with that version.

Oh, yeah.. and when future versions come out, will I still have to deal with this same problem each time? The results of this upgrade remind me of my first monitor.. CGA. And wasn't it special when VGA came out?

Athraithe ag delilah ar

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This is awful. I tried a bunch of tricks proposed here and on the web but nothing looks the same as the version before.

So I just reinstalled version 21.

Please remove it or make an option for us to choose if we want it or not.

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flofl0 - totally agree with you. I have used Firefox for years as well, but unless it's fixed will not be any longer! Having 90% of web pages suddenly displaying a horizontal scroll bar and not being able to see content is not worth the experience.

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The trouble is usually the creative, skillful people that launch and fine-tune a successful product leave sooner or later for other challenges, and less skillful ones come in to maintain it. Inevitably, they cause the standards get lower in a time. In this particular case, the person(s) responsible for the change followed a single idea and, believing it would be an improvement, they failed (or did not bother) to test collaterals. Unfortunately, single ideas rarely improve (and too easily damage) complex products. This is a social, not technical phenomenon, and we (users) cannot help it but help ourselves. This was what helped me: I have combined the FF about:config setting to 1.2, making icons the right size and the font too small. Then I have installed the Font & Size Changer theme, setting the font size to 15 (generally, 13 to 14 might be OK for most people, too). I feel sorry for those less technically apt but this seems to be the easiest solution. No user-friendlier improvement can be expected from people who argue the FF now (at last?) respects the Windows setting "you made". Who "you"? Well, I did and do remember it. But most regular users either did not make the decision and/or do not remember it now. Why they should, in the first place!? Anyway, we as users have to gradually accept that the heyday of FF will soon be over, and prepare ourselves to migrate to another browser (hopefully still maintained by the original team).

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Why would anyone change my setting? That's why they are called "MY SETTINGS" - my browser is now useless on my laptop.

Bad form FF. After years and years of use and constant support, I now bid you fairwell. Off to Chrome I go.

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Sigh...I've tried to be understanding when FF keeps adding "surprise, gotcha!" changes. I've scrupulously avoided the "I'm going to a different browser!" chant at least ten times over the last few years. But you've worn me down. I'm finally ready to throw in the towel and switch browsers. Right now I have so many about:config changes and "remedy" add-ons that I'll never be able to reconstruct everything if something goes awry, or if I get a new computer (which I plan to do soon), and have to start over from scratch.

In fact, I now have so many "remedy" add-ons and "remedy" customizations -- all to "undo" unwanted changes forced on me with no advance warning by Mozilla -- that these are no doubt behind the very-frequent crashes I have had since 21. And, ironically, the fact that I've had to install so many "remedy" add-ons makes any crash diagnosis all the more unwieldy and time-consuming.

I'm just ready to say "forget it." I see Firefox suggests going to the latest version of a competitive browser in lieu of sticking with 21. I guess that's good advice, though not for the reason you give (security -- and that "advice" strikes me as a veiled attempt to bully people into taking the new version by scaring them, BTW). I now feel guilty for having recommended FF to others. Signed, a former FF fan.

Athraithe ag Rick216 ar

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try everything that people have suggested and it is still bad, I thought maybe there would be an upgrade by now to fix this issue but I guess not. I think I'm going to switch to chrome tomorrow

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I have been an FF and Thunderbird user long enough to lose contact with competition. Now I consider leaving both for either an integrated client, or a browser and a mailer. I need an advice, however. Which mailer supports easy insertion of a wide range of international characters? (By 'easy' I mean finding it within a few clicks, inserting it with a click, not scrolling through chaotic charmap tables--something like abcTajpu plug-in did in TB & FF.) My TB has a persistent bug in space char which nobody else seems to have or bother with, and I'm fed up with composing my mails in a text editor and only pasting it to TB to send. Can you help me, anyone? Is e.g. Opera international enough? Their web does not seem to tell much.

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Hi jlford001, as described in other threads, you can counteract the added zooming of the content area using either of the following extensions to set a new default or global zoom level. For example, if the content is 25% too large, try setting 80% as your default or global zoom level.

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Hi Rick216, good luck with the new computer. To capture your about:config changes, save a copy of your prefs.js file from your active Firefox personal settings folder (AKA profile folder) which you can access using:

Help > Troubleshooting Information > "Show Folder" button
(on Mac, "Show in Finder" button)

While you're there, a bunch of other files will come in handy when setting up on another computer. This article has tips: Recovering important data from an old profile.

The Troubleshooting Information page also lists of your currently enabled extensions, which you can print to PDF or copy/paste into an application that preserves HTML table layout (e.g., MS Word).

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I have designing/developing web sites since 1996. I survived the Netscape verses IE wars. I have been a strong advocate for web standards. This move is going to screw me. And it is coming from Mozilla,which floors me. I will now have clients wondering why web sites are once again not resolving ~equally in all browsers.... and this is something I can do nothing about. It pisses me off. I never expected this kind of thing to originate from Firefox. So very disappointed.

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Hi jlford001, it is difficult for web designers, but you can demonstrate to clients how to zoom out of pages, and remind them that users have already been zooming their sites transparently to them.

Firefox does support CSS media queries, which provide you some information and control over font sizing, and if you like, element sizing. These also would make it fairly easy to display a banner to high-DPI users about options for resizing the page, or controls for doing so (like in the old days before most browsers supported zoom).

I made up two test pages to explore CSS media queries, but I'm not aware of any library that makes these features seamless to use.

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Media queries are not the answer to this - they target the display size of a window, not the zoom level of a browser. What this means is that for every browser other than Firefox a user will get one presentation, but in Firefox, another. And your suggestion to add a banner at the page top to inform a user how to reconfigure their browser settings sounds like 1996 when people displayed "this site works best in Internet Explorer."

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I would like to add my name to the list of people who dislike this new "feature" in Firefox 22. I had no problem changing the settings in "about:config", but unfortunately, the new version of Firefox scales the favicons and text together. This means that I can either have blurry icons and readable text, or normal sized icons and impossibly small text.

I have temporarily downgraded to Firefox 21. Can we post this on Bugzilla and get it fixed for version 23?

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