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I have a problem restoring the tabs from the previous session.

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After a computer restart I started a new session without restoring the tabs from the previous session. Is there a way to restore those tabs without selecting each one from History ?

Réiteach roghnaithe

cor-el - Thank you so much. I found a previous version of the .bak file that had all 29 tabs saved. Restoring it saved me an immense amount of time and frustration. You deserve a medal.

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Hi noneedtoregistertoaskaquestion, I'm sorry to hear that the session restore feature is not working well for you. Try the above suggestion to use the Session Manager extension:

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Hi jscher2000, thank you for the solution. I was trying to download it, but I was told that its author can not be verified, thus I canceled. If author verifies themselves then download and contribution are possible, otherwise, it is strange why the author would not get verified first?

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Hi noneedtoregistertoaskaquestion, I think most extensions say "Author not verified". There has been some discussion about that in previous threads:

Based on my 10 minutes of research: it is expensive to obtain a code-signing certificate, and the way it works for Firefox extensions seems a little inflexible, particularly for individual (non-company) authors. So that's probably why most of them aren't signed.

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Athraithe ag noneedtoregistertoaskaquestion ar

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Hello Jscher2000

I really been trying to follow the steps but cannot manage to do it. Could help me step by step. I do now know which is the .bak file you talk about.

I really appreciate it

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Hi tianguistengo16, did you find this post:

The file should be named sessionstore.bak (there may be other .bak files, those are not relevant).

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Thanks for replying Jscher2000, I opened my firefox profile folder and found a promising timestamp but that file is not .bak, it is json. I made a copy for safety as you suggested but do not know what to do next.

I appreciate your help

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Hi tianguistengo16, Windows may hide file extensions, which can make it hard to know which file you are dealing with. This is addressed in this Microsoft help article:

Can you confirm that you have the sessionstore.bak file (the sessionstore.js file has your current session)?

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Dear Jscher2000

I did what the windows page said to show the file extensions, it worked. I found the sessionstore.bak but its from today (I lost my tabs yesterday). Inside of the Firefox profile folder there is another folder that says -bookmarkbackups- with a .json file from the date I lost my tabs (yesterday). What can I do now?

Thanks again,

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Is there anything I can do Jscher2000?

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Hi tianguistengo16, if you do not have the .bak file with your windows and tabs in it, there are no other backups. Some versions of Windows allow you to access earlier versions that are saved when Windows create a "restore point" (for example, before installing Windows updates) and displayed as "Previous Versions". Because these restore points are not created very often, the odds of success aren't very good, but you want to try it, then check out this post:

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thanks a lot

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The sessionstore.bak file is created at every start of Firefox as a copy of the sessionstore.js file saved in the previous session to make it possible to restore the previous session via the History menu at any time during the current session.

Does Firefox create a sessionstore.js when you close Firefox?

  • Tools > Options > General > Startup: "When Firefox Starts": "Show my windows and tabs from last time"
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HEy Cor-el

I do have the file .json with the date of when I lost my tabs, can I do something with it to restore my tabs? or can I do something else? I alrady have the "show my windiws and tabs from last time"

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