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plugin-container.exe : deleted it, how to re-download it

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plugin-container.exe : deleted it, how to re-download it

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Today 6/22/2010

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Every time I try play video on youtube my firefox crashs and when it falls down it reports that 'plug-in container stopped working'. No matter how many times I reinstalled whole Mozilla Firefox, it keeps repeating this problem over and over again. I seriously don't know what to do anymore.

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I have this problem, too. Since I updated to 3.6.4, I have plugin-container.exe. Every time I visit Youtube and want to play a video, FF crashes because of plugin-container.exe. I have installed the latest version of Adobe Flash plugin and updated to 3.6.6, but the problem persists.

Didn't have any problems with the previous versions when there was no plugin-container.exe. Plugin-container.exe should be dropped and FF should find another solution. Switching to Chrome now. Maybe I'll come back to Firefox, if they fix the problem. But for now, I'm getting familiar with Chrome and perhaps stick with it. I'm so fed up with the recent development of FF. It pisses me off.

First, there was 'only' thie memory leak. But I still sticked to FF, because of my huge RAM, I could live with it. But now with FF constantly crashing when watching Flash content, it became unbearable.


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Exactly. Before it was updated everything worked just fine. I tried using Chrome,but...I liked Firefox Personas, Chrome is..ugly, and I still don't know how to use it because I have used FF for my whole life.I have huge RAM too so I don't care about memory leaking.Actually, I didn't even know about it. I just keep trying or write very ugly email to FF!! I did every fucking thing that stupid updater told me to do, still, it isn't helping!! STUPID PLUG-IN CONTAINER!! I really loved Firefox...

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I didn't experience this problem UNTIL I updated to 3.6.6. Now FF crashes when I click a download link. I get the error "plugin-container.exe encountered problems". sigh...

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Do without the plugin container. Eating alot of resources.

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Just got the update to FF 3.6.4 ... I was playing a game, which I never had any problems with until now. I froze and had to do control alt delete to get out of it 3 times to find out it was plugin-container and it's an exe to top it off. What is wrong with you, don't you thoroughly test these things before you put us through this crap. Unreal.. I spent time being aggravated over a browser I loved at one time.

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Masturbation might be a solution.

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Does mozilla even test it before they releasing crap like this?

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WTF? is really necesary plugin-container? now we have more memory usage... recently I update to 3.6.6 and also is more slow... FF is going to bad.. very very very sad ;(

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Here is how you deactivate the plugin-container:

After deactivating the plugin-container, everything is like before. Then we can all go back to xhamster and enjoy the show without FF crashing.

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Same fuckin problem

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On my PC, the "plugin-container.exe" process was using up most/all of my CPU (you can confirm this on your PC with "Task Manager") when I opened up multiple tabs.

My solution was to use Firefox 3.5.10 which you can get from the Mozilla website at I am using Adobe Flash without any problem in this version of Firefox. Check the release notes, I believe it contains all the latest security fixes in Firefox 3.6.4

Hopefully, they will fix Firefox 3.6 in the next version (e.g. Firefox 3.6.7).

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Please a solution. Same problem here.

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I'm now on 3.6.6 and it's terrible. plugin-container occupies so much cpu that things freeze. It's no good saying "get more memory or a better cpu" - that's M*cr*s*ft's answer to problems. I don't remember Flash crashing before, why a bug-fix to fix a non-bug? Firefox used to be so much better. Can we have an official response from Mozilla about how and when they're going GET RID OF IT!

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I solved it. I just downloaded version 3.6.3 which is without problems. Now I have to keep it from updating until that problem with plug-in container will be fixed.

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I've now updated to Firefox 3.6.6 and I've updated all the plug ins. Still having serious problems. Long waits to "log out" of sites, lots of "hanging" when loading a website. Also long waits in moving from "tab to tab" within Firefox. YIKES!

No problems with any of that in 3.6.3 and was not experiencing any crashes. Unfortunately don't know how to get 3.6.3 reinstalled.

THANK YOU for immediate resolutions to these issues!

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v3.6.6 SUCKS -- Youtube does not run correctly.. HD files crash.. performance slow..

Like a sap I Updated 3 computers to the latest Revision in 'good faith'..

Now nothing works!!

I went back to v3.5 just to check...

AND ALL IS WELL with v3.5!!!


Plugin Container is a bad idea .. It CAUSES more crashes than it prevents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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> And how much did you pay for the FireFox browser (to previous rude post)?

Oh, and of course Mozilla doesn't directly or indirectly see a dime from me unless I donate. RIGHT.

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For ppl like me with only single cpu all facebook games and flash games period un playable now jurky and slow as hell the plugin is using more than FF without plugin was using when in a flash base game pc unworkable this suks.

but l tried this solution you can turn it off by typing About:config in the address bar, filter for dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll and change that to false. Flash will run in the program proper. and it seems playable now.

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I use Firefox 3.6.6 and it's not better .. can't play games in Facebook anymore ...

I'm thinking of switching browser ... couse this drives me crazy ...

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