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"a webpage might be slowing down your browser." frequent persistent yellow pop up bug crashing my webpages. please make it stop!?

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hello there and good evening:3 my husband and i are having this repetitive and extremely frequent bright yellow pop up with a robot that states "a webpage might be slowing down your browser." then the option to wait, or stop it. i've ran out of patience with this notification to the point to where even though i'de hate to, i would have no choice but to switch back to chrome just to stop being spammed by this pop up while im trying to relax. it happens more frequently on youtube and, and i just want it to stop because it seems as if when it does show up, once it starts it never stops, and it actually slows down my webpage to the point of becoming unresponsive and stalling/crashing my only webpage open at the time. my husband has the same issue and we both use windows desktop. it only started appearing after the latest update. please, can someone help me make this thing go away? its very stressful and i cant browse in peace anymore on firefox. yes we have turned off all background processes, and we both have scowered settings troubleshooting for hours at a time to no avail, it just never stops and it behaving like a really bad bug.

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Athraithe ag jonzn4SUSE ar

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no its only on walmart for me, and youtube for my husband. it stalls the page almost immediately when visiting the site, otherwise i never see it. we have WiFi, it only happens in firefox, and no i havent tried safe mode bc all the add-ons i have are true key, ad guard, and ad blocker and ive ruled those out by disabling them all manually, it still happens. the screenshot will be the same no matter if you see all of walmarts page or not. where can i speak to a real technical support specialist and not just the community guessing??

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”Webpage is slowing down your browser” This is the new way the browser tells you there is a problem with the script program(s).

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Fred has two very good suggestions, but sadly both where not productive in preventing the webpage from becoming unresponsive after a short period of time, only in firefox. the notification just took longer to show up, not effecting how the page became unresponsive in the same way at all. i cant actually get this issue to arise like clockwork now, clicking three different options at once while on walmart, and it will then just stall, bring the yellow pop up and i would have to refresh the page to get anything further done until it happens again 30 seconds later while im trying to browse.

as for the second suggestion link in your reply, we again deactivated all of our extensions to no avail, so it is clearly not an extension or plug in issue. something has happened with the most recent update with firefox, bc this has never happened before with us. i find it very odd that for my husband this only happens with youtube, and with me this only happens with otherwise i see no stalling, or pop up to speak of and everything runs smoothly. my next attempt to repair this issue is to reinstall firefox and refresh everything..i will report back with my findings.

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Its been happening to me as well and it is quite easy to reproduce.

Just open any video on youtube and try using the search bar. When the browser starts loading the search results page, it gets unresponsive and freezes.

I tried the same stuff on Chrome and it doesnt happen there.

Reinstalled Firefox and it didnt work. Tried Firefox safe mode and the issue was still there as well.

Hope its fixable!

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Remove History For One Site {web link}

Open the History Manager <Control> (Mac=<Command>) <Shift> H. In the search bar, enter the name of the site. Right-click on one of the listings and select Forget About This Site. This should remove all information, including any site settings

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sorry everyone but i have tried everything and now i am not able to live chat with any website if i might need help w something, such as support from my internet provider. it seems there are, and have been too many critical issues for firefox to be fully functional, and i am extremely stressed that i dont have full accessability of my websites bc of just firefox. on to chrome sadly..thank you for your attempts<3 they are appreciated.

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Same issue, same warning. Not using YouTube or Walmart. Completely locks up, doesn't matter which button you choose to continue, you can hit the buttons and they don't even work sometimes. Frustrating, about to ditch FireFox

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Having a similar problem on wife's Win 10 computer for several days. In our case, pop-up occurs for a few seconds and disappears but web pages slow to load. So far, occurs intermittently on Spectrum web mail page and a financial institution. Problem duplicates on Microsoft Edge. Have refreshed Firefox, cleared add-ons, cleared history, etc. without result. Have run multiple anti-virus/malware programs.