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Firefox 64Bit Windows 1809. firefox.exe -P calls strange site instead of showing ProfileManager. Die Verbindung mit dem Server schlug fehl.

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Hello, my Laptop Lenovo T420 Pentium 64Bit 4GB Ram Installed fresh Windows 10 1809 plus Firefox 64Bit. In order to use my profile I copied the Profile from my old laptop. Because I am not familiare with this process, I got problems to get the new Firefox to recognize my tranfered profile. Tried using the profilemanager to enter the new Firefox. Hit Windows-Symbol plus R to open command window, entered firefox.exe -p and got following Message:

Die Verbindung mit dem Server schlug fehl. (e.g. connection failed).

Searched entire sytem and registry, no match found. Did also check the system using program Malwarebytes. The Firefox itself is working correctly and the profile of the old Firefox has been correctly imported. I am concerned how (reproduceable) this site is called instead of the profilemanager. Regards Joe

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OK just found that the white window is right. It is just too big on my laptop screen to see the Menu Bar with buttons. My problem is solved, please mark it as closed!

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Please explain the process you used to transfer your Profile to the fresh installation.

One of two things that do need to be done:

One is that the "contents" of the old Profile need to be copied into the newly created Profile that gets created upon "first run" of the new installation; replacing the existing new files that were created on "first run". And that is done after the fresh installation with Firefox closed after opening the Profile folder via Help > Troubleshooting Information -> Profile Folder = Show Profile and then closing the Firefox browser window and waiting a minute or two.

Or, the profiles.ini file needs to be edited to add that old Profile to the profiles.ini file so that the new installation knows that Profile is present. Not the advised method

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I did it 3 times (try and error). 1st send the old profile to an USB-Stick and replaced the profile keeping the old name. Did not work as I know now. Because of error messages profile not found, decidet to delete Firefox and installed new. 2nd New Firefox had some information about the former profile, assuming in Registry or some left over files. Error message profile not found. Decided to remove Firefox completly with Revo Uninstaller. 3rd Installed Firefox and opened the profile folder. Selected all files of the default profile an deleted them. Opened the old profile on USB-Stick, selected all files, copied them and pasted into the new empty profile folder. This worked and every thing is there, even the passwords. I am writing here using the new Firefox. Running Malwarebytes on the old Laptop showed some minor adware infections. Running the command firefox.exe -p (windows key plus R) results still in a new FF window with the subject error message, but not opening the profile manager. I have a 2nd laptop with same configuration, but w/o replaced FF profile and this one works correctly

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I did some additional testing. Copied again the old profile from my old laptop onto an USB drive, after virus checking the system. Transfered the profile to FF on my 2nd new Laptop. Everything is ok, firefox.exe -p shows the profile manager. Did again the same procedure with my 1st laptop, after prior deleting all data in default profile. The problem still persist, no profile manager shows up. I notice, while executing firefox.exe -p, a short message at the left bottom in the new FF window: Nachschlagen von xn--p-5gn... Deleting the FF history did not help. Both laptops have a fresh installation of the newest Windows and not mutch more. No idea where the false website comes from. No virus found on this system.

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Could you examine the path to the program you're using? You can use the Windows 10 Task Manager, Details tab, to examine details on a running process. You can call up the Task Manager using Ctrl+Shift+Esc or right-click the Taskbar.

First, before using the Run dialog, make sure firefox.exe is not running.

Second, make sure the dialog shows the Image Path and Command Line column. You can add those using the View menu > Select Columns.

Now use the Run dialog and see where Windows starts firefox.exe from to confirm it's the path you expect, for example:

  • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

Does it look normal or lead somewhere unexpected?

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Hello the-edmeister and jscher2000, I appreciate your help very much. It took me some time to do what jscher2000 wrote (new to me). In Windows 10 1809 is no Select Columns in View Menue. I got this by clicking in the Main Window. The rest worked as suggested, but I see nothing wrong when the Run dialog firefox.exe -p is executed. The result is still a FF window with this strange website. Two images are below. Best regards Joe

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Hi Joe.., could you try either:

  • firefox.exe -ProfileManager
  • firefox.exe -P

The MDN article doesn't mention using a lower case p (-p):

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firefox.exe –ProfileManager or firefox.exe –P make no difference But executing what you suggestet before leads to different results on my 2nd laptop. Only 2 FF entries show up instead of 5. One of the 5 uses much more storage, see my 2nd picture. And I found one more interesting thing on the other Laptop: It runs Windows 1803 instead of 1809. Below are the results of running firefox.exe -p there

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My next try will be an upgrade to 1809 on the 2nd Laptop, just to see what will change ...

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Joe.. said

firefox.exe –ProfileManager or
firefox.exe –P make no difference

Do you mean, you still do not get the Profile Manager, instead you get the same mystery message?

Are you able to change profiles inside Firefox as follows:

Type or paste about:profiles in the address bar and press Enter/Return to load it.

The currently running profile will have the indication

This is the profile in use and it cannot be deleted.

To switch to a different profile, click the Set as default profile button below that profile, then scroll back up and click the Restart normally button. (There are some other buttons, but please ignore them.)

Does that let you start Firefox in your restored profile?

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Do you mean, you still do not get the Profile Manager, instead you get the same mystery message? yes FF is working correctly if just clicking its symbol on task bar. Only using the run command firefox.exe -p shows the problem. My 2nd laptop just finished the upgrade to 1809. I will post the results of your suggestions above ...

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On the 2nd laptop the profile shows up. And only two lines with FF in Task Manager > Details. Means no Problem with Win 1809.

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Now back on the problem laptop: Have executed about:profile it shows up saying Profil: default Dieses Profil wird derzeit verwendet und kann daher nicht gelöscht werden. Translated means the same as you wrote, but I cant find any button below that default profile to click Set as default profile.

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Now back on the problem laptop: Have executed about:profile it shows up saying Profil: default Dieses Profil wird derzeit verwendet und kann daher nicht gelöscht werden. Translated means the same as you wrote, but I cant find any button below that default profile to click Set as default profile.

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Hi, if you only have one profile, there's no way to switch to a different profile. I thought you were trying to call up the Profile Manager from the command line because you had more than one profile and wanted to switch to a different one. If you wanted to create a new profile, the about:profiles page has a button for that at the top.

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Sorry for the double post, can you delete it? I managed to create new profile and used the start normaly option. A fresh FF window shows up w/o entries on symbol bar. After creating the new profile the buttons you mentioned show up.

But running firefox.exe -p still tries to open the bad web site.

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My last post today

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I don't have any explanation for it.

I usually start the profile manager from my additional desktop shortcut that uses the full path:

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P

Does that method work any better for you, instead of using the Run dialog?

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What a wonder, if I paste C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -P into the Run field ist works. The ProfileManager shows up. The other method: paste firefox.exe -P into the Run field, calls the faulty website. What the hell makes the difference? I could check how the different methods look like in details of Taskmanager. Daubt that will give any clue.

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It has been many years since I've researched the order in which Windows searches the PATH environment variable to find a match... Are there any other firefox.exe files on your system beyond the usual one?

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No there is only one firefox.exe and firefox.exe.sig. I asume the problem shows up in the task manager. The highlighted line and childID 2 / 3. Those dont show up on the other laptop with FF This must come from inside FF. I compared the size of both FF and it is the same. In the picture below the start line firefox.exe -p is not shown.

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