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I may have gotten some adware I don't know, but when I open a new tab, and type into the Google search it gives me Yahoo search, and then if I use Yahoo search to search Google search then go to the Google search when I type there it then give me some strange Facebook search. I have tried uninstalling Firefox, and then reinstalling it, and nothing is different. I go to settings it says I should have Google search, but it keeps doing what I described above, so what can I do to fix this?

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There are a couple of things you can try to correct this, ie hopefully correct this.

1) Go into the FF options, via the triple burger button, and look for the search providers section. Then disable all of them, including google.

2) Nextly, there is also a feature whereas the searches you conduct can also include data from your history, bookmarks, etc... Disable all of these too.

Then retry FF and your searches.

If the above doesnt help, then we can look towards the old browser "hijacks"

3) There is an old app called "HiJackThis". It will scan for browser helpers and hijackers. Run it and will produce a listing. Many on the list are helpers. So leave these alone. But if you see any that reference Yahoo, feel free to delete away.

btw: I heard that Yahoo and AOL are both owned by the same company and are being sold off.


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