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I do not know my password

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mozilla will not send me an e-mail through which I can create a new password. Although it may work now as I have just registered and they seem to have accepted it.

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Hi kirkwerk,

Thank you for your question. I understand that you do not receive the verification email after you log in to Firefox Sync.

First and foremost, Update Firefox to the latest release, please update to Firefox 55. The way in which a Firefox account user can login to their account has changed in the browser since version 48, in which the question you asked indicated you were on that version.

Ok second, please make sure that you create a back up of the local profile before changing the password. Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles

Third, you can check if you successfully logged in by going to and it takes you to settings.

Lastly, the new login will send you an email where you will be asked to click a link to verify the account. Please make sure that the email link is visible by checking if your email support html mark up, else try to view the original message in plain text. (A screenshot of this would be helpful for another issue we are tracking. )

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you soon!