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Anyone help with this please - worked fine until yesterday - "Easy You Tube Downloader is not compatible with Firefox 22

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Worked fine with v 21 - Firefox must have just upgraded - anyone know how to fix this or what's happening to the Easy you Tube Download add-on please

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Your post is the most well thought out and logical post I HAVE SEEN ON ANY QUESTION STRING!!! I have seen many on other question lines. I want to encourage you to form a new question and include your post under it. Please post something here to tell me what question to look for. Maybe your question could be " WHY CAN'T I CONTROL MY FIREFOX"

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I am not sure you got my reply, for some reason your post disappeared when I posted my reply. Your post is well thought out and logical. I have seen many complaints about firefox on many different question strings. Your post deserves a wider audience. I want to encourage you to start a new question line and use your post under the question. I would suggest " Why can't I control my firefox - how can I stop automatic updates ? "

Be sure to post something here to let me know the question to look for.
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In this case the download extensions stopped working because YouTube made changes and in such a case it won't help not to update Firefox because the extension itself is broken and needs an update to catch up.

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Matty, you do know that Chrome updates just as often, if not more than Firefox? And this case was not Firefox updating that broke your extension but youtube?

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