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Why don't group tabs automatically save? Please answer.

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I set up the group tabs and they worked, but then I left the group to a site not in the groups. When I clicked on the group tabs icon to get back to the group tabs, the group windows were there, but empty except the site that I was currently on was in showing on top (in) one of the groups. I find no clear instructions on how to save these group tabs and their content, or reopen them in another session. Please explain how to save these group tabs and then reopen them. If you are going to post an answer instead of sending me an email, I'll never find it - please send me an email answer.


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I have already tried the suggestions at the "tab-groups-organize-tabs" page. This is not an answer. If you can successfully save these group tabs tell me how, don't refer me to instructions that don't work. By the way, I tried closing the browser with the upper left menu/exit; groups were gone. I checked the options/settings and did as recommended -didn't work. I'm at this point pretty much convinced that it is a bug in the program that Mozilla has not yet addressed; yet they still send emails suggesting you try their groups tabs function! Just a waste of my time to email me suggestions that don't work.