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why does firefox open TWO simultaneous-Flash Player Plugins processes on startup ?

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All replies refer to 2 different versions of Firefox on single Win 7 32 bit system. I am running only one version LATEST UPDATE. But still I have 2 separate "Flash Player Plugins" automatically opening at Firefox startup and using 70-95% of cpu usage nearly all of the time I am logged on to the web. How can I get rid of 1 process and only have 1 Flash Player plugin running only upon request ?

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Seeing two Flash processes is the consequence of running the Flash player in a protected sandbox environment.

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hello, since adobe has introduced the protected mode for its flash player plugin for firefox, it is per design that two processes will run & show up in the task manager. for more on the technical background please refer to http://blogs.adobe.com/asset/2012/06/inside-flash-player-protected-mode-for-firefox.html

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I have this problem also, however it shows TWO versions one is been banned by evil mozilla big brother,

Means I have version 11 and version 9 BOTH showing, both enabled whenever I 'enable' either, so I cannot use flash as 9 is banned, but its not installed anymore, but shows.

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You can find the installation path of all plugins on the about:plugins page (no need to toggle the plugin.expose_full_path pref to true in Firefox 22 and later).