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Plugins working in wrong order

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I recently updated my version of Firefox and now the plugins seem to be working in the wrong order. Now they are applied RP then ghostery then ABP. Is there any way to change that order. I have tried to disable the addons in all 6 permutations to no effect. So, the RP placeholder is displayed and nothing is blocked; BUT if I allow the website in RP, then adblock plus will block the advertisement. What used to happen is that ABP would block it and it would not even show up on the list of RP destinations.

I posted at the ABP forum about this: https://adblockplus.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10853 but my searches there seem to indicate that they do not know how to change the order the extensions are used.

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You are talking about extensions, not plugins. What is RP?

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Sorry, my mistake. I am referring to extensions. And, RP = RequestPolicy, availible here: https://addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/addon/requestpolicy/. It lets you decide whether you want to connect to domains other than the one you downloaded the page from.

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Request Policy is an excellent extension when used in conjunction with NoScript to "fine tune" what the user selects NoScript to allow or temporarily allow. Frequently when you allow or temporarily allow a domain in NoScript, calls are made to other sites, some related to the main domain allowed, which Request Policy will block. Then, in Request Policy the user can select to allow only certain other site scripts to make the site work/display properly, generally only one or two additional items need to be allowed in Request Policy out of possibly a dozen or more that would otherwise run without the user's knowledge.

The advantage to NoScript, is that the user can block Java, Flash, Silverlight, etc., from running automatically without the user's permission. According to some posts on the NoScript forum, it runs last to allow other extensions to do their job(s). From my experience, however, with Request Policy blocking after NoScript items allowed by the user, it appears that Request Policy becomes active after NoScript, based on the domain(s) allowed by the user in NoScript.

Ghostery uses a list of sites that are blocked by default unless the user enters Ghostery Options and de-selects site(s) to allow them to run; there is no allow/temporarily allow quickly by the user as as there is in NoScript and Request Policy. You need to keep Ghostery updated for the latest lists if you have not selected auto-update in the Ghostery options.

As far as the order, with AdBlock Plus included, I am not concerned about the order of execution, as long as they all do their job(s), which they seem to do quite well. If ads are coming from other sites, it stands to reason that NoScript and/or Request Policy would first intercept those, then when allowed by the user, AdBlock Plus would intercept them based on its static lists which also need to be updated regularly. Ghostery has more to do with blocking tracking sites than anything else, it seems.

You can ask advice on the NoScript Support forum as Giorgio Maone, the developer of NoScript, and his associates are quite knowledgeable and very helpful.

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I've asked various extension programmers and, according to them, there is no way to adjust the order extensions go off. The order they run is apparently random and there is no consistent way to get extensions to do that. Seems like something Firefox should program in. But until then, this is unsolvable.