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Every time I open FireFox I am redirected...

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Every time I open FireFox I am redirected to the page HOORAY! YOUR FIREFOX IS UPDATE.

CRITICAL: How do I make it stop doing this?

Less critical: Why can't FireFox simply fix/update itself without involving or informing me?


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Cor-el, My comments are embedded into a copy of your email below. Thanks! Jim

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From: notifications@support.mozilla.org Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2012 5:54 PM To: jim@kochanski.us Subject: A new answer was posted to your Firefox question

Hi jimkochanski,

cor-el has posted an answer to your question "Every time I open FireFox I am redirected..." on support.mozilla.org:

See these articles for some suggestions:

• Recommendations attempted. • Problem not solved!

• Recommendations attempted. • Problem not solved!

• See below.

Preferences not saved

This article deals with changes to options or preference settings not being saved after you restart your Mozilla application. If Firefox toolbar customizations are not being saved, see this article.


1 Read-only or locked preference file
2 Corrupt or damaged prefs.js file 2.1 Recovering lost settings
3 Other software prevents preference changes
4 User.js file locks certain preferences
5 Other solutions
6 See also
7 External links

Read-only or locked preference file

The inability to save any preference changes can be caused by having a read-only or locked prefs.js file or "prefs.js.moztmp" file in the profile folder. You may receive an error similar to "Failed to save the preferences file. Any preference changes will be lost at the end of the session" [1]. You may also find multiple files named "prefs-<n>.js" (where <n> is a number) in the profile folder. Check the file properties of the prefs.js file (and "prefs.js.moztmp" file, if found) and make sure that the "read-only" attribute is not set. See Multiple profile files created for additional information.

• prefs.js (in folder C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\bgn5bey3.default): Not "read-only". • prefs.js (in folder C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\SeaMonkey\Profiles\114yev2z.default): Not "read-only". • prefs.js.moztmp: Not found. • prefs-<n>.js: None found. • prefs.jsm found in C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\bgn5bey3.default\extensions\{88c7f2aa-f93f-432c-8f0e-b7d85967a527}\modules; No action taked absent instructions to the contrary. • Problem not solved!

Corrupt or damaged prefs.js file

If the prefs.js file is corrupt or damaged to the exent that it is no longer writable, it can prevent preference changes from being saved. [2] [3] In such cases you will need to replace the corrupt or damaged file. Close your Mozilla application (if open) and,

If you have a current profile backup, replace the prefs.js file in your profile folder with the backup copy.
If you have no backup, open the profile folder and rename prefs.js to prefs.jsOLD. A new prefs.js file will be generated when you next open your Mozilla application. (You can alternately use the Firefox Safe Mode option, "Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults" to rebuild the prefs.js file from program defaults, the same as if you manually deleted the file.) All preferences will be reset to default values but future changes will be saved.

Note: The above fix may also resolve an issue in which an additional "Firefox Updated" tab opens a page stating, You’ve been updated to the latest version of Firefox, each time you restart Firefox. [4]

• No back-up copy of prefs.js available. • Renamed C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\bgn5bey3.default\prefs.js and C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\SeaMonkey\Profiles\114yev2z.default\prefs.js to prefs.jsOLD. o prefs.js was not regenerated in either subdirectory when FireFox was re-opened. o Preferences were not reset. • Problem not solved!

Recovering lost settings

If preference settings have been lost due to a corrupt or damaged prefs.js file, you may be able to recover the missing settings, including Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey or Thunderbird mail account settings, if the profile folder contains a "prefs-1.js" file that includes the missing settings. If this file exists, exit your Mozilla application (if open), remove (or rename) your existing prefs.js file and then rename "prefs-1.js" to "prefs.js". [5]. For additional information on recovering lost mail account settings, see Recovering a profile that suddenly disappeared - Corrupt or empty prefs.js.

• Not applicable.

Other software prevents preference changes

Dell Network Assistant can lock or "protect" the preferences file. If you have this program, try disabling or uninstalling it. [6]

• Not applicable.

McAfee Privacy Service can disable your Mozilla browser's popup blocker. If you use McAfee, you will need to select the option to block popup ads within the McAfee Security Center settings. See this article for details.

• Not applicable.

Norton 360 includes a "Firefox Privacy Cleanup" feature that, if enabled, overrides your Firefox Privacy settings and prevents you from keeping your Browsing History, Cookies or other private data between sessions. If you use Norton 360, deselect the "Firefox Privacy Cleanup" option in your Norton 360 settings. [7]

• Not applicable.

Various other computer "cleanup" programs can override your Mozilla browser's Privacy settings and remove private data. [8]

• How do I (i) determine if this is the problem, and if it is, (ii) what should I now do to correct the damage?

User.js file locks certain preferences

If you are able to change some preference settings but not others, look for a user.js file in your profile folder (Windows users, read this for help finding it). The user.js file does not exist by default; it is created by users and, in a few cases, by some software programs, so that certain settings get written back to the prefs.js file each time you restart your Mozilla application If you find a user.js file, either remove it from the profile folder or edit the file to remove any unwanted settings. See Resetting preferences for more information.

• Renamed C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\bgn5bey3.default\user.js to user.jsOLD. • Problem not solved!

Other solutions

Problematic extensions can change certain preferences settings, causing your changes not to be saved [9]. To see if an extension is causing the problem, disable it (or uninstall unneeded extensions) and then make your preference changes. (Note that preference changes made by some extensions will persist even after the extension is uninstalled or disabled, until you change the settings.)

• The only extension listed was already in disabled mode when I went to check it. • Problem not solved!

The Standard diagnostic provides a basic troubleshooting guide if the preceding suggestions do not fix the problem.

• No action taken: If this is my last recourse, please let me know when Mozilla corrects the problem. • Problem not solved!

See also

Locking preferences 

• No action taken: If this is my last recourse, please let me know when Mozilla corrects the problem. • Problem not solved!

External links

Preferences are not saved (Firefox Support) 

• No action taken: If this is my last recourse, please let me know when Mozilla corrects the problem. • Problem not solved!

Private Browsing

• No action taken: If this is my last recourse, please let me know when Mozilla corrects the problem. • Problem not solved!

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