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every time firefox updates, it tries to load yahoo toolbar. Can I keep it from doing this? I don't want yahoo toolbar. Nor do I want norton safesearch. Can't they leave me alone?

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every time firefox updates, it tries to load norton safesearch and yahoo toolbar. Can I get rid of those permanently rather than having to deal with it with every update?

This happened

A few times a week

== firefox updates

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A Firefox update wouldn't be asking you about installing either a Yahoo toolbar or anything from Norton, Mozilla has nothing to do with either company. You must have something else installed on that PC that is making that suggestion.

Which anti-virus application are you using on that PC?

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I'm having the same problem. I downloaded the update and it automatically put the yahoo toolbar on it. Uninstalled the yahoo toolbar once and it changed my firefox to a really old version. Updated firefox again and there is the toolbar again. I'm also getting a message that reads "Invalid Http Request Header " everytime I try to log into my yahoo mail on firefox. Have had to switch to Google chrome just to read my yahoo mail. What's up with this?

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I'm getting exactly the same thing, every time I open firefox it tries to install a Yahoo toolbar. I don't want one, so skip it, but it's a pain.