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Can't delete or rename cookies.sqlite

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I think my cookies.sqlite file is corrupted because none of my passwords are saved once I exit the browser. I know this is a common problem, and I've tried all the steps that were suggested before: I've tried deleting and renaming the file (it doesn't stay deleted-a new cookies.sqlite file comes up when the computer is rebooted), I've checked my privacy settings to make sure I'm accepting all cookies, I disabled the part of my spyware protection that looks for malicious cookies (it's Spyware Doctor, if you're familiar with that program, and the part I shut off was the "Cookie Guard")...nothing seems to be working. If you can help me, please understand that I'm not great when it comes to computers, so talk to me like an idiot!

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The cookies.sqlite file is supposed to be re-created when Firefox is launched.

While cookies.sqlite can affect the autocomplete of passwords when you return to a website that uses a "remember me" cookie, it has no impact on saved bookmarks. Saved passwords are stored in a different files.