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Firefox: double start up each time

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Hi Folks,

I've used Firefox for years with no problem. Yesterday, I was seeking out a specific font. The website looked legit, but then a security block happened and I don't recall if it was Firefox security or Acronis that flashed a brief "block" announcement. In any case, from that point on, several "racey" websites popped up every time I loaded Firefox. This happened even after I restarted my computer. I then checked to see if I had pop-ups blocked on the Firefox options. I didn't, so I checked the box against pop-ups. But what happens now is Firefox does an attempt to load TWICE with an odd jerk-flash movement. Only one Firefox browser window comes up -- and that's good -- but SOMETHING is still trying to make those "racey" websites load. Why? How?

All of that to say that I'm concerned about security. Should I uninstall Firefox and reinstall?

Thanks for your input! Bob Anderson

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You may have ad/mal-ware. Further information can be found in this article; https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-caused-malware?cache=no

Run most or all of the listed free to use malware scanners. Each works differently. If one program misses something, another may pick it up.


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