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Firefox 92 (64 bt) Taking Very Long Time to Load - Windows 10

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For the last 6 months, or more, Firefox is slow to launch and load content (until "X" icon becomes "refresh").

I've been working more diligently on this in the last few days. The first thing I did was to run full antivirus and malware scans. NOTHING was discovered. I then found some articles about the problem, the highlights of which presented 3 major points:

  • That a dense cache could be influential,
   >> I've always made it a point of clearing cache every week or 2 anyway. That
  • Add-ons could slow things down,
   >> I uninstalled mt LastPass and AdBlock Plus add-ons (the only 2 I've ever used). And finally, that
  • Security software often instigates scans on browser-related files when FF is launched.
   >> When I got started this morning, I reset my Malwarebytes Antimalware NOT to start with Windows.

I launched Firefox again after restarting the machine, and there was little improvement. It takes 45 to 60 seconds, now, from the FF icon click until the window comes up and the home page (Yahoo, for me) fully loads. Meaning that the 'stop loading "X" ' becomes the 'refresh "left-loop". That's down from 2 minutes a few days ago, but it still seems to me that that's still much longer than it should take.

Please be so kind as to share any thoughts you might have for speeding Firefox up for me.

Thank you!

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