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Accidentally deleted bookmark folders

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With the 'Show all Bookmarks' page open on my MAC desktop monitor screen i accidentally deleted all of my bookmark folders (listed alphabetically) following those beginning with the letter 'P'. I am in REAL trouble unless i can restore those deleted folders to the active list.

i tried following the suggestion that i open up my 'profile' in 'Library' and i found the deletedbookmarks file. But that file seems just to list deleted bookmarks by recent dates.. Whereas I need to restore the list of deleted bookmark FOLDERS to my active bookmark list and status.

I hope someone can help me. I'd be willing to provide a telephone number, though I guess that's generally inadvisable. Otherwise my e-mail address -- which you may already have -- is xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.xxx

Thank you for any help.

Peter Cook

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See my answer in your earlier thread.

Locking this thread as a duplicate.