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List of websites gone after update

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So one of the recent FF updates caused the list of websites that I used to have to disappear. All my most visited sites are gone. In its place is a smaller list of the "topsites".

How do I get my old list of most visited sites back?

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Hi impzz, don't use that fake link.

Do you mean in the address bar drop-down, or do you mean somewhere else?

Firefox 75 changed what happens when you click in the address bar. It automatically drops down the first 8 top sites from the Firefox Home / new tab page. The old "Show History" button is no longer available. However, if the address bar is empty, then when you press the down arrow key, Firefox should show the old list.

If you don't use the Top Sites section, you can turn it off and Firefox will switch back to the old list. This article has the steps for that: Customize your New Tab page to hide or display content.

If you want to keep the Top Sites section, then as a workaround, I created an add-on to show the old list, using a toolbar button outside the address bar. If you want to take a look: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/show-history-top-sites-button/ Let me know if you think of any improvements.