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How can I 'download' the bookmarks from sync to 'another' computer?

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Usually I'm using the Firefox 'sync' feature from my WIn10 desktop. Now I want to 'download' the stored bookmarks to a Linux desktop. Can I use the sync feature for that? (It appears that the bookmarks are not being 'downloaded / sync'ed). Any advise much appreciated.

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Hi drobble, Bookmarks are usually one of the categories of data that Sync will synchronize by default. I don't know why it wouldn't, as long as bookmarks are working normally on both installations.

Could you make some backups on your Windows 10 system first just in case? I suggest using both formats:

If you can add and edit bookmarks on both installations, I think they should synchronize. Perhaps another support volunteer knows where to find troubleshooting messages related to Sync.

If you have to use the files to transfer your bookmarks: