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Ublock global filtering of 3rd party domains, when accessing someother domain, but partial whitelist of 3rd party domain when accessed directly- Is it possible?

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Suppose i want to access 123newss.com, which uses technology from t.com I create a ublock "global-filter" of the domain t.com, that blocks loading of t.com at 123newss.com and everywhere else. For some reason i'm a frequent user of t.com, and whenever i try to visit t.com i have to temporary unblock the blocking of t.com. This creates a lot of friction since i'm a frequent user of this url. If i create a ublock/whitelist of domain t.com then ublock allows every tracker to load at t.com, eg. t.com visit triggers loading of 21trackers.com.

The idea is - Block tracking urls globally, but allow auto whitelisting of urls when visited directly. Analogy: prevent embedded yt videos from loading in arbitrary website, but allow when you have visited 125yt.com, without also allowing every other 21trackers.com domains at 125yt.com from loading. Sounds like containerization or "cross-site" url loading block. Is it possible or am i missing something?

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You would have to contact the developers of uBlock if you want advice about special features for their extension. If you have disabled uBlock in Private Browsing mode windows then you can possibly use this.