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Problems with beta outlook email and Moziila -- Still Happening with Other Users

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I am repeating the issue that was stated then 'closed' a few days ago, even though there are at least 2 of us 'out there' who are still experiencing the exact same problem: I use Outlook email, and they changed me over to beta. Ever since, when I try to scroll down and check my email list, the screen keeps bouncing up to the top emails. It's impossible to scroll down to the lower ones. (They took away the option to switch out of beta.) Not only am I having the exact same problem, which started at the exact same time as the original note -- in September 2018, when Outlook 'permanently' changed service to what had previously been optional 'beta' -- I have now also stepped through each Mozilla troubleshooting step (1 thru 6+) & it has not resolved the frustrating behavior. I opened a case and have completed troubleshooting with Microsoft; they've pointed me to the "3rd party browser" for further troubleshooting. I am having no trouble whatsoever with Chrome, IE, or the Outlook Android app. It is ONLY happening (as described at the outset) when using Hotmail, transitioned from the beta with no way of returning to classic, when attempting to view my email account via the Mozilla browser. I sure hope you're able to dig into this further on your side: I would really prefer to use Firefox than another browser. Thank you!

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Hi LSS_Arlington, I have a better understanding now. The method of scrolling isn't significant; the problem isn't with the scroll bar. When you move the mouse pointer laterally over the list, for some reason starting after some point, the list returns to the top (scrolls all the way up) instead of staying put.

Do you think it could be related to a new message coming into the Inbox? My Hotmail and Outlook accounts are not very active, so that doesn't happen to me very often.

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You have captured the essence of the issue, jscher2000 -- the screen jumping to the top, rather than staying in place, when the cursor is moved laterally from the right-hand scroll bar towards the left, over the Inbox emails content.

While I don't believe it's 'new' incoming emails that are causing the screen to re-set -- by jumping to the top -- perhaps it is the loading of older emails that's contributing to the issue.

What I can tell you for certain: it does not happen when I view Hotmail using the Chrome browser.

Hope you're getting some new ideas about what else to try to resolve this, once & for all


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Hello, I try to simulate your problem also on my old and cheap laptop (On this laptop I have experienced problems like slow start, Unresponsive script, A web page is slowing down your browser, etc. ) What have in common my two configuration: W10, FF up to date I don't have any advertising on my page More than FF "Do not track" that is always activate I have an ad-blocker named Ghostery - it announce me that have 6 tracks blocked on an outlook page. Your problems seems to me not related to hardware (but, only a suggestion Have you try with another mouse? try this!) but to asynchronous downloading of the messages and to a css effect (overscroll-behavior) But from the css to the scroll problem another idea: a mobile device don't have a standard scroll event.So try to load this page simulating another user agent . Here is how: Download this add-on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/user-agent-switcher-revived/ ...and try to change user agent to IOS The problem persist ? usually I don't use this add-on but seems me very friendly so I recommended it to an end user.

If you are familiar with user agent strings you can use other extension Custom user agent string


only for a specific page in this case:


Another advantage of using this alternative is a compact view and an wide screen inbox

A little disadvantage is an unobtrusive add to download Outlook for mobile. Any help? Have a good day!

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Thank you for your input, AnnaSycamore.

This was an interesting exercise. I installed the User Agent on my FF browser & tested logging into Outlook via different 'desktop browser' and 'operating system' combinations. I stuck to the browsers & OS' I'm familiar with: FF, Chrome, & IE; Microsoft Windows

The bottom-line is that the Chrome/Microsoft Windows combination is the only one that 'behaves' correctly -- that is, Outlook doesn't consistently 'bounce' to the top.

Every other test -- using FF/MW & IE/MW combos -- resulted in the screen bouncing to the top every time I scrolled down using the scroll bar on the right & then moved my cursor to the left to view an email (no point testing the 'rest' as I'm not familiar with Opera, I don't like Microsoft Edge, & I don't have any Apple devices [computer or mobile], so no advantage to testing Safari)

I haven't bothered testing using a different mouse (I'm still using the touchpad on the computer), but if testing other browser/OS combos &/or with a different the mouse will help you, I'm happy to do it, even though I don't feel it will help or make a difference with my ability to view Outlook properly via the FF browser -- which is what this whole discussion has been about.

Please let me know if anyone has any further thoughts or if there is anything else I should test before we put this to bed.

Thank you!

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