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Firefox periodically logs out of websites - Firefox remains open (2nd attempt at posting)

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After about an hour or so, I see my Windows 10 taskbar 'refresh' - the icons of the taskbar 'blink', i.e. disappear and then about 1/4 second later reappear. When this happens Firefox logs me out of all open (or closed) web pages that require me to log in. So I have to relog-in to my Google, my Frenchpod101.com, Germanpod101.com etc. accounts, whether or not those sites are open or closed on the browser at the time of this 'refresh'. I don't know this is another symptom of the latest Windows 10 update (these updates always seem to cause issues), but my other browsers - Chrome and Edge - are unaffected by this 'refresh'; those browsers keep me logged in. Only Firefox logs me out. After logging back in, the Windows 10 taskbar 'refresh' occurs again an hour or so later and I'm logged back out of all my websites again - rinse and repeate. Please note that Firefox is still open when it logs me out. I stress this because all similar problems other people have had with Firefox logging them out of websites have occurred as a result of the browser being closed and then re-opened; then people find out they've got to log back into their websites. That's not happening here: my logging-off problem with Firefox occurs when the browser is still open.

PS I didn't get a confirmation this question was successfully posted, so I'm sending it in a second time - sorry if it gets duplicated.

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It is a WIn10 issue. You get logged out as the connection is lost while everything fades out and comes back.

Windows Registry Repair and System Drivers Repair Dos Command :

1)Tap on the Windows-key to bring up the start menu. 2)Type cmd.exe and wait for the results to populate. 3)Right-click on the result named cmd.exe and select "run as administrator" to run it with elevated privileges 4)Type or Copy/Paste DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth into the Dos box Command Prompt and Enter. 5)Reboot

If fails to help you out make sure your Running Windows 10 version `803 by going to the Settings --> System ==> About Use Update to try and update to the Spring release as the Fall Release will be here soon enough.

If still need help please go to one of these respected Forums :

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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No luck - Firefox is still logging me out, although possibly with less frequency.

My Windows 10 Pro version is 1803, os build is 17134.228.

Thanks again for the advice - definitely will bookmark the links provided! :)