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What does firefox use to do selection highlighting (my build from source isn't highlighting)?

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I did a build of firefox from source using the Beyond Linux From Scratch instructions (http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/downloads/stable/BLFS-BOOK-8.2-nochunks.html#firefox). It seemed to work pretty well, but then I realized that when I selected text from a page it wasn't highlighted. This occurred in the URL entry box and in the main body of the page. I could get it to show highlights in the URL box by changing the theme to "dark", but no changes to themes would let me see selected text in the body of the pages. Selection does work - you just can't see what you have selected.

Now it is probably some dependency that firefox uses for its rendering or some other option it is picking up from the desktop environment (which is LXDE). I'm quite willing to dig it into it and try rebuilding what might be the root cause, but it would help to understand what firefox uses for rendering selections.

If I can isolate the part of firefox that chooses the colors for selection in the body of the web page I might be able to isolate what "went wrong". Admittedly I could just use a reliable distro like Ubuntu but I'm trying to understand the components that go into a distro.

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The colors for web pages are set via ui.text prefs (ui.textSelect and ui.textHighlight), so you can search the source code for the prefs to find how Firefox uses these.