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Is it possible, via css or other means, to apply a theme's background/image to the firefox 57 title bar?

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I use a theme for firefox that is basically just a background. I use to use classic theme restorer to apply the theme to the title bar. Because, I like to use the title bar. The addon is however dead in firefox 57, and I knew/expected this. The title bar currently is big ugly bar across the top of the browser. So I have disabled the title bar for the time being. But, I would like to use it again is it's possible to apply my choice theme to it. Assumingly via css or whatever other good ideas are out there.

So... Help please? Or, at least tell me that it's not possible so I can begin the process of getting over it.

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ok, sorry, misunderstood.

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I don't believe you understand the question. Or, at the very least you're trying to be a bit too helpful. I appreciate the help, but I just need help changing the way the title bar looks when using a background/light theme. Nothing else really.

Let me see if an image illustrates what's bothering me a little better.

(Edit) Not an issue. You're the type of support that can help 90% of people. I just have a very specific issue I'm seeking help with... because, I just can't find any answers and I'm not sure anyone else would even bother to ask.

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