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version of firefox with no tabs or with the ability to completely disable tab browsing

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my firefox is about 20 versions out of date and I would really love to upgrade it but I can not stand tabs. is there a newer version of FF that comes without tab browsing or has the ability to completely disable tabs?

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Hi, I can't think of any modern browser that doesn't use tabs, and there is no easy way to remove them. If you try them, you might wonder how you did without them!

You are using an extremely old version of Firefox, which can compromise your security and may cause other problems. To update it, because you are using XP, please see How can I get the latest version of Firefox on Windows XP or Vista?

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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thanks for the response :)

it is a shame none of the modern browsers come without tabs, I know I am not alone in my dislike of them and with products like FF that are open source it is rather surprising a tabless version has not been created

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Firefox since forever came with tabs even the Firefox 22.0

Perhaps you were using a Tab related extension that forced Tabs to be separate Windows in some cases. There was a Extension called Tab Killer but the author Piro has not updated it in a long while.

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there used to be a work around, maybe still is, that you could get rid of tabs. do not ask what, has been a long time and I am lucky if I can remember what I did yesterday lol but as you can see from the ss below there is no evidence my FF has any tab ability


and this ss shows exactly how I want things to be with my browser taking up as little space as possible and all my corners squared :D

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I too have this problem now that this signed extension nonsense. I took Tab Killer and out of frustration I managed to make my own .xpi file that was edited it so that it would work on any version. (I set the version limit to 250 or some such absurdly large number.) I have no idea how I managed to do it since I don't code, but I did. However now Firefox wants signed extensions, even for one made yourself like mine.

This dogmatic repsonse of If you try them, you might wonder how you did without them! is patronizing. I have tried them. I found them to be superflous as separate browser windows already does the same thing. Why do I need a feature that I can already do? Tabs are distracting and I want them removed like every other browser allows me to.

Anyway I just discovered an extension called "Disable Tabs" and it appears to work like Tabkiller did. I suggest folks check it out.


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