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I lost a webpage where I typed in data, I had pressed the save button and I was directed to the log-in page. How can I get back the information?

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I am working on a paper on a website where I wasn't signed in. I lost the information after I tried to save it because I was brought back to the log-in page. When trying to go back I was brought to the sign-in page again. How can I recover my lost work? I tried using the web browser history tab and I am automatically brought back to the log-in page.

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Some websites hold your work in progress while you log in again. However, if you logged in and it was gone, then I'm not sure Firefox would have a copy of it. Many sites instruct Firefox not to cache pages and therefore if you use Back to go back to a form you filled in, the page will be retrieved fresh (and blank) from the server. This forum does that, which occasionally is very painful.

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Sorry about that happening - has happened to me quite often, too.

Not going to help you now, but I use this extension to automatically "cache" the content of text areas for situations where that may happen. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/textarea-cache/ The only problem with it is, it save only the latest "state" - no backups beyond what is saved. If something in another tab causes Firefox to crash, you may lose the most recent text that you typed when Firefox was getting ready to crash.