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Shopping Security Addons

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Hi there, This is going to be 2 questions. I use Avast! Free and Malwarebytes Free. WinXPHome, I have adblockplus but as for shopping at the basic sites, for me anyway, Walmart, Bestbuy, Newegg, Amazon, Gamestop Etc, What are my best choices for Security? I have also used NoScript but the training process is a little time consuming, for em right this second, But I will have it, And I like I think it is flash block? hopefully you can tell me about this too, I want to stop videos especially from loading and playing until I click and allow them, my computer is old and slow plus trying to keep down the data. So maybe you can suggest flashbock/NoScript or some other thing I can use for this? What has a lot of users/Good Rating?

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Some added toolbar and anti-virus add-ons are known to cause Firefox issues. Disable All of them.

FlashBlock stops clips from playing until you want them to.

adblockplus, and its brother programs, stop many pop-ups, page adds . . . .