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I can't find a way to fully delete my history from the location bar

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I have recently deleted my history, but in the location bar, all my history keeps coming up. It's deleted from the history toolbar, because it only says today.

The location bar include my bookmarks, and the history that I've deleted and it's as if I haven't deleted my history at all.

Strangely, in Options - Privacy and Location Bar, if I choose suggest: History, it doesn't come up with any of my deleted history, only from today. If I choose Bookmarks, it only comes up with the bookmarks. However, when I use History and Bookmarks, it comes up with all my deleted history. I would like to use the History and Bookmark option.

How can I make it so that Firefox doesn't remember any of my previous history at all and use the History and Bookmark option for the location bar?

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Hi DarlingCream, I understand that you would like to select History and Bookmarks to show up in the url bar by do not want any history from deleted history to show up.

It is possible to use a private window to browser, all history is deleted when you close that window.

You could also try this add on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fire.../?src=search

Unfortunately the file with the browsing history also contains the bookmarks, so I would not recommend deleting any profile files.

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You would probably have to delete the places.sqlite file to remove all stored history including items that you have typed or pasted in the location bar that may be hard to remove otherwise.