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How do I optimize Firefox 5.0 to work with Windows Live Mail?

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I am experiencing a problem with my Windows Live Mail program, and I read in Microsoft's Windows Live Solution Center (for what it's worth) that the problem may be due to my browser settings.

The specific problem I'm having with Windows Live Mail is this: I can only read email messages in my Windows Live Mail on the day they are received in my inbox; on subsequent days "Message cannot be found" appears in place of the message content.

One of Microsoft's moderators for the Windows Live Solution Center suggests that "Cluttered cache and cookies may be contributing to the issue." The moderator recommends resolving the issue by "optimizing my browser settings," and he provides a link to a Microsoft webpage that contains an automatic tool for optimizing Internet Explorer.

For other browsers, the moderator suggested visiting its Help Section. I visited the Support Center for Firefox and did keyword searches to try to find a topic that addresses this issue, and I found no information pertaining to this concern.

Here is a link to the webpage that advocates optimizing my browser settings to resolve this problem with Windows Live Mail: Windows Live Mail--Message cannot be found

How do I optimize Firefox 5.0 to work with Windows Live Mail?

I'm running Windows 7 with Firefox 5.0 and Windows Live Mail 2011.