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Is there a way to set the new tab page to show a certain number of tiles?

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For whatever reason my new tab page switches how many tiles it shows even though I don't do anything different when I x out of firefox to close it down. I don't change the size of the web pages or anything. It just randomly changes from showing 4 to 8 and back again. I'd like to know if there is a way to set it to show 8 because I normally use a laptop and I have a hard time changing the page to show 8 tiles with the laptop mouse pad. I don't always have my USB mouse with me which makes bringing up more tiles easier.

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I've already looked that over and I still don't see anything.

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Firefox 39 seems to have changed the margin areas and many users are reporting that instead of 8 tiles they see 4, at least at the normal size window they use.

One option is to zoom out, for example by pressing Ctrl- so that more tiles fit.

Another option is to modify the page with custom style rules or an add-on. This extension has been mentioned in other threads: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/new-tab-tools/

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Thank you jscher200 that addon helped. Would have preferred not to use one but in the end it works and atm it's my only option.

As for your Ctrl suggestion.... That usually how I get the other tiles showing but I can only do that when I have the UBS external mouse hooked up to the laptop. It doesn't work when I only have the on board mouse to work with. But thnx for that tip to.

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You can zoom out (Ctrl + -) the about:newtab page to see more tiles. Make sure that you have only one tab with the about:newtab page open when you zoom the new tab page. Otherwise you may only zoom the copy in the current tab and not the cached version of the about:newtab page. You can toggle browser.newtab.preload to false on the about:config page if you do not keep the zoom setting.

You can hide the search bar and collapse the margins at the top and bottom with code in the userContent.css file to get more space for tiles. See my post here: