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If I uninstall Firefox 43.0.2 now and install the x64 version instead, will I have my customized settings in about:config synced back to me?

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Will sync work fine if I need to try out and install the x64 version of FF? I'm more concerned about the tweaks I made to about:config because these are exhaustive to re-do 'em again from scratch on the installation of FF x64 which I'm thinking about.

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You posted here with the 64-bit version of Firefox 43.0.2.

Is your query about a different PC, that you want to go to the 64-bit Firefox version on?

Overall, you shouldn't need Sync for that. Installing one Firefox version and reinstalling another, should pick up your existing "Profile" which doesn't get removed when uninstalling any version of Firefox.

And as far as Sync goes with prefs that are set in about"config; not all prefs are included in the Sync process. There are prefs that start with services.sync.prefs.sync. which are "preferences to be synced by default". Other prefs won't be sync'd; but there may be some added by add-ons which are disabled by default and need to be enabled to have them sync, too.