What's new in Firefox for Android

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Welcome to a new version of Firefox for Android (version 102). In this release, you will find the following updates:

Sponsored shortcuts on your Android homepage

We're working on new ways to financially support our mission, including new sponsored shortcuts on the homepage. We only work with advertising partners that meet our privacy standards. Learn more about the details and how to disable sponsored shortcuts.

Select wallpapers only available for a limited time

Some wallpapers may only be available for a limited time, including a set that expired May 1, 2022. If a wallpaper you're currently using has expired, you can continue to use it. If you switch to a different wallpaper, you'll be unable to switch back to an expired wallpaper. Learn more about how to change your wallpaper in Firefox for Android.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • We enabled the accessibility cache.
  • We fixed the password autofill issue with Bitwarden password manager.
  • We fixed the WebGl bug on devices with Mali-400 GPU and the WebGl rendering bug when scrolling.
  • We now support step value for the HTML date/time picker to change the precision to seconds.
  • We fixed the priority of background tabs.

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