Recommended Firefox extensions for families and students

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Adding extensions to Firefox enhances your browsing experience and helps you stay productive. This article lists some Firefox extensions recommended for parents and students.

Recommended extensions

These extensions are either developed by Mozilla or thoroughly evaluated by Firefox staff to meet the highest standards (see the Recommended Extensions program article to learn more).

For parental control

If you want to restrict access to certain sites or content on your children's sessions, you can use the extensions listed below for things like blocking distracting sites, requiring passwords to access pages, or replacing offensive words on websites.

  • LeechBlock NG – Block distracting websites and focus on your tasks.
  • Block Site – Require a primary password to access specific websites or restrict access at specific times of the day.
  • B!tch to Boss – Make Firefox replace inappropriate or offensive language with other predefined words on the websites your children visit.

For students

Some extensions can also help you or your family stay productive and help with school work.

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