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I'd like to make ctrl+backspace erase whatever is currently selected in a text field.

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This is perhaps an obscure question/request, but something that I use all the time when I'm typing especially in a text field is ctrl+a -> backspace to clear everything that I've typed (like if I want to rephrase my sentence). However, due to generally typing quickly and it never before being an issue, I often am still holding ctrl when i press backspace. This was never a problem in chrome or many other programs I use such as discord and in game-chats since the behavior of ctrl+backspace is normally identical to just pressing backspace when you have text selected, but I just switched to firefox and I've found that if you have text highlighted and you press ctrl+backspace, it doesn't delete the highlighted text but instead moves the cursor to the front of the highlighted text and then erases the word before the new cursor location (latter being the normal functionality of ctrl+backspace).

Like I said this is a super obscure question, but it's seriously messing with me because it just keeps placing the cursor at the beginning of the still-full text field and not clearing any text.


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I don't think there is any built-in way to do this.

If you don't find another solution:

A script injected into a web page can intercept some keys and change what they do. This is not 100% because some keys bypass the page and also because Firefox has a concept of trusted and untrusted events which may prevent a script from stopping the "go to the beginning" action even if it can take care of the "delete the selection" action that Firefox is skipping over. But could be worth a try.