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Extensions or add-ons are software programs, typically developed by a third party, that allow you to add features to Firefox to customize your browsing experience.

There are thousands of extensions listed on (AMO), Mozilla’s official directory for Firefox add-ons. Most extensions are created by trustworthy developers. However, bad actors may put your security and privacy at risk by using extensions to compromise your data.

To protect your safety and privacy, you can use these tips to assess the safety of an extension before installation, or install extensions that are regularly reviewed by Mozilla staff. You’ll know if an extension is being regularly reviewed if it has one of the badges listed below on (AMO) and the Add-ons Manager in Firefox.

Recommended Extensions

recommended badge amo

These aren't just any extensions; they're the cream of the crop. We're talking about carefully curated gems that meet the highest standards in security, functionality, and overall user experience. The selection process is rigorous, and it involves the meticulous efforts of the Firefox team, combined with valuable input from the community.

Imagine a team of experts and enthusiasts sifting through the vast ocean of extensions, handpicking the best of the best. But it doesn't stop there. These chosen extensions undergo intense scrutiny in the form of manual security reviews. They're examined from every angle to ensure they meet our strict policies, leaving no room for compromise.

Now, here's the exciting part: these exceptional extensions aren't just quietly sitting in the corner of the internet. They're in the spotlight. We proudly feature them in promotions on the AMO homepage, as well as other prominent spaces. It's our way of saying, “Hey, you've got to check these out!”

And here's the kicker – developers can't buy their way into this exclusive club. It's not about deep pockets or fancy marketing; it's about the extension's quality, security, and its contribution to your Firefox experience. So, when you see that “Recommended” tag, you can rest assured that you've stumbled upon something truly exceptional.

See Recommended Extensions program to learn more.

Extensions By Firefox

by firefox amo

These extensions are developed by Mozilla to bring new products, unique features or pure whimsy to Firefox. These extensions are reviewed for security and policy compliance.

Caution label

Extensions that are not regularly reviewed by Mozilla staff will display this caution on AMO:

AMO Caution Label

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