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Today a new tab keeps opening about every minute, headed Pending Reward, and saying 'we want to thank you for your loyalty to Firefox! It's obviously some sort of scam. A virus scan has found nothing. How do I get rid of it?

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use AdwCleaner OR install ABP add-on

Tried ADW yesterday, thought it had solved the problem, but back again this morning. Now I'm also getting pages opening 'Testpanel - Win an iPhone', some of which Talk talk homesafe is picking up and warning me not to open as it may include a virus. Closing Firefox isn't even working, it just opens it again, making it difficult to do anything else on the laptop. Downloaded the ABP today, made no difference. Driving me nuts! :(

You may have ad/mal-ware. Further information can be found in this article;

Run most or all of the listed malware scanners. Each works differently. If one program misses something, another may pick it up.

I've been through the lot on the list, nothing has stopped it but now every time it tries to open Malwarebytes is blocking it 'due to a hijacker'. But, it is still opening a new tab every time and interrupting everything I'm trying to do. Malwarebytes identified an app as causing a problem which I have now uninstalled. What else can I do? Getting desperate now!

It would seem it is in there really well. You should look for any Extensions/Add-ons that were installed with out your knowledge and disable/remove if found.

You can Search win10 for Programs & Features (yes is still in there but hidden) and go through the list of programs to see like above that nothing is in there you do not know what it is.

If need help :

Uninstall any Bittorrent apps, uninstall cracked programs and delete cracks then Post in only 1 forum, then wait.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

Sorry you've lost me now. I've looked through the programmes and can see quite a few I can't ID, but have no idea which should or shouldn't be there. I have no idea what a Bottorrent app or cracked programme is, let alone how to recognise one! I clicked the link, but it wants me to download something called Fabar Recovery, which Windows Defender blocks. As you can tell I'm no computer expert, I just generally manage to get by.

Hi, ok,ignore everything but the link. Register and make a free account download the program and tell MS to let it through and to allow you to run it. Attache the text file it makes and also attache the report/log from Malwarebytes. They will also ask you to possibly download another one once you start talking to someone via email like this. and to post it's log also. They will be asking you to do things and let them know your level of literacy so they walk you through things, they will ask you to delete things. Trust them, they know what they are doing. :=}

Have been there and done it myself

Thank you, I will give that a go, but as it's not far off midnight not sure I'll get far tonight. Thanks for your help, I will let you know how I get on.

Ok, relax, do not worry, sleep well.

Dlc1 said

Today a new tab keeps opening about every minute, headed Pending Reward, and saying 'we want to thank you for your loyalty to Firefox! It's obviously some sort of scam.

These loyalty to Firefox and you will get a phone or gift card pages is due to malvertising ads and not necessarily due to any adware or malware on system.

They are trying to trick people into giving personal details like name, address, email, cred card and such details.

Well I don't know what happened, ran the Fabar Recovery, attempted to send all the logs, Firefox refused to send 'could not establish a secure connection'. By the next morning the tabs were still appearing, but this time with the message that Firefox couldn't connect to the server, and pop ups from Malwarebytes saying it was blocked. Then - it stopped! Nothing yesterday, nothing this morning. Don't know what stopped it, but relieved!

Good to hear. Make sure to use ad blockers. And every now and then run the mal scanners.