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Windows 7 to 10 upgrade - 10 Firefox extensions disabled? Help

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The extension I use daily with Firefox is Lastpass. It and 9 others are 'disabled'! There is no choice to re enable them. They still work on my Windows 7 laptop so it is apparently a W10 problem.

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You didn't provide us with your troubleshooting information when you created this thread, so please do that now. Please go to about:support, and copy and paste everything there into this forum.

In case this affects you: sometimes after a Windows update, Windows launches with incorrect or incomplete permission settings, causing bizarre malfunctions. This can be cleared by shutting down and restarting Windows. If you do not quickly find a logical explanation, please give that a try.

It is possible that there is a problem with the file(s) that store the extensions registry.

Delete the extensions.* files (e.g. extensions.json, extensions.sqlite, extensions.ini) and compatibility.ini in the Firefox profile folder to reset the extensions registry.

New files will be created when required.

See "Corrupt extension files":

If you see disabled or not compatible extensions in "Firefox menu button/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions" then click the Tools button at the left end of the Search bar to check if there is a compatibility update available.

If this hasn't helped then also delete the addons.json file.

You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder:

You can check for problems with preferences.

Delete possible user.js and numbered prefs-##.js files and rename (or delete) the prefs.js file to reset all prefs to the default value including prefs set via user.js and prefs that are no longer supported in current Firefox releases.