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Get started with Firefox OS

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Welcome to Firefox OS! This article covers all the basics and will get you up and running. It also has links to other great articles that you might want to explore later.

Get connected!

Your Firefox OS device comes with a data connection that keeps you online when you're on the go. You can also connect to Wi-fi networks which are often faster and the data you use there doesn't count against your data plan.

For more, see Connect to Wi-Fi or data.

Great content at your fingertips

One of the great things about a smartphone is access to apps and mobile optimized websites that make life on the go easier. Firefox OS has two ways to help you discover apps.

One search bar for your phone and the Web

Firefox OS includes an easy-to-use search. Just type a single word like "recipes" to see related apps and web results.

See Search and discover content for more.

Access mobile apps and websites in the Marketplace

The Marketplace app had all kinds of handy apps and websites specially designed for your screen and region. Quickly browse popular, new and featured apps.

For more about the Marketplace, see Installing apps.

Keep in touch with your contacts

The Contacts app makes it easy to call or message your favorite people. Tap the gear button in the upper-right corner of the Contacts app to import contacts from a SIM card, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook (and Hotmail) or an SD card.

There's lots more you can do - see Add, manage and share contacts

Use messages to keep in-touch

The Messages app sms app messages 2.0 lets you send short text messages, images and videos to your friends.

See Send messages for all of the details.

Setup email

Add multiple Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook (and Hotmail) accounts right out of the box. Want to know more about email? See Send and manage email

Put music on your phone

Take your music with you! Enable USB storage and transfer your music files to your phone from your computer. You can also download music on the Web or receive it over Bluetooth.

See Adding music to learn how.

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