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Since update 16.0.1 PayPal multiorder shipping dropdowns not working???

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Since Firefox updated itself to 16.0.1, I cannot use dropdowns within the PayPal multiorder shipping screen. I can go into each transaction individually and use a dropdown there, but not in the main screen (which is what we use to add shipping info, since going into each one wastes much more time).


account number x'd out in URL below

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I just installed v18 beta 3 and problem still exists.

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Yeah same problem here. Solution is to switch browsers it sounds like. Firefox used to be good about getting on things like this, now nothing for several versions, probably tens of thousands of users who will never report the issue and just stop using Firefox.

Its like the devs just want to add more features no one wants or uses instead of fixing their broken product.

To ok away alot of my work hours trying to figure it out and now I know, its the browser.

Pretty pathetic for it not to be fixed in three official update versions. Fix your broken product firefox, before adding more useless features.

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I'm feeling like Mozilla doesn't read these forums which disturbs me a lot. If someone came on and at least said "we'll look at it" that would go a long way. Paypal works well in all the other browsers but Firefox. That means it's not Paypal's problem.

'Good news for some though is that I've seemed to have worked around it.' I found if a left click doesn't work - a right click will. Other times it's the other way around, so I don't understand why... but it works around the problem. Try left click, right click then left click again if necessary and on my computer the pull down does come down.

I'm in a mac now running the newer version of Firestorm.

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I found a work around that at least works for me. I just hit the TAB key until it highlight the drop-down menu that I need And then either use the arrows keys or actually use the mouse, and it works. Try it out and see if Its work for you guys.

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Version 18 is the same. I'm dropping FF for now. I do LOTS of online shipping and, unfortunately, I don't have the time to deal with all this too. I'll be back though as soon as they find this issue important enough to fix.

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Here's what I did...

I use Firefox for my main browser. I also have Safari on my Dock and I set Paypal as the homepage for Safari. This way, whenever I need Paypal, I use Safari. (ALSO I recommend using multi-order shipping (M.O.S.) for all orders. The HISTORY tab in M.O.S. is very handy!

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I noticed v19 just came out. Does anybody know if the problem still exists with this version?

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Guys, part of the issue is with paypal, not just with Mozilla.

Paypal hasn't been up to date with new browsers. If you try IE 9 and above, the same issue occurs. You have to put IE 9 into compatibility mode for multi-order shipping to work.

Thing is, Paypal isn't keeping up with the updates. Browsers will always get updates as new web standards are implemented. Browsers will always continue to move forward to accommodate new technology. Paypal, and other businesses, need to move forward with these technologies and keep up to date with their code. Paypal is lagging behind.

However, it would be nice of FIreFox has a compatibility mode like IE for such instances, where some businesses just aren't fast enough to meet software standards.

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