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Header image and text for website does not load properly on Firefox - image partially visible, some text squished.

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First off, thanks to everyone who pitches in to help resolve this headache. Sheesh!

Problem: The Header image and text do not display properly in Firefox: The content does displays properly in Chrome, Opera and Safari. By the way: I have read and attempted all the applicable troubleshooting suggestions Firefox has supplied without success.

Website: www.twoworlds.ca The page in question is www.twoworlds.ca/other-world.html

Note: I coded the site myself using largely a w3.css framework. Admittedly, the source code is messy. I'm still chimpin' around (experimenting) with things.

Incredibly, am unable to upload two 137 kb screen captures of the problem for visual reference - an endless spin wheel for 12-minutes. Wha..? In that case, please visit my site in Chrome and then Firefox to see the difference. the site again: www.twoworlds.ca/other-world.html


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The <header> element doesn't have the height property. You need height instead of min-height (or both).

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I checked your links, and saw no problem.

https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/update-firefox-latest-version?cache=no Did you update Firefox to the latest version 59.0.2

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Thank you!

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Hey FredMcD, I was able to upload screen captures this time.

Again, the page in question: www.twoworlds.ca/other-world.html

Thanks so much!

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And, yes FredMcD, I have the latest version of Firefox installed: 59.0.2

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Ah. I missed that the top is cut off. I called for more help.

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The <header> element doesn't have the height property. You need height instead of min-height (or both).

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TyDraniu, THAT'S IT!!! You have no idea how long I looked at this problem like an ape looking at fire for the first time.

It never dawned on me that a browser to browser quirk could be so specific. So, this is one quirk of Firefox quirk: The height property must be specified as 'height' instead of 'min-height'.

Thanks much to the Mozilla Support Community generally, and TyDraniu specifically, for pouncing on my problem so quickly.

Life is good!!!!

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