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My browser is slow and keeps crashing. I followed the links here on support site and nthey do not work.

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I cannot even post a question to you guys.

My browser is slow and keeps crashing. I followed the links here on support site and nthey do not work.

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I am not in to gaming. Some games may well use FlashPlayer.

Do you only use browsers like Firefox and Chrome to play games ? Or do you sometimes use them for browsing the web ? or related activities, such as using webmail or facebook & twitter.

Chrome actually has FlashPlayer effectively built in to it and so may be a better choice for games that need FlashPlayer, but you say your game has stopped working with that.

What is the game and the games website address ?

FlashPlayer is described by wikipedia as

'Adobe Flash Player (labeled Shockwave Flash in Internet Explorer
and Firefox) is freeware software for using content created on the
Adobe Flash platform, including viewing multimedia,
executing rich Internet applications, and streaming video and audio.
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I use Chrome for Facebook. Do not do too much browsing. Just a little. But like I said I spend more time trying to fix problems on this pc than getting things done. I have windows live mail picking up 3 different emails.

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I am going offline now. I will leave you to read some of the articles I linked and try to answer my questions..

No need to try to do screenshots at the moment. I will assume that your only problem is FlashPlayer crashes.

Did you try your game with Internet Explorer ? Note if the game needs FlashPlayer on Firefox it will need FlashPlayer on Internet explorer, but you need to install Flashplayer separatly on Internet Explorer.

To install FlashPlayer on Internet Explorer use Internet explorer to visit the Adobe site and follow their instructions http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/


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Yes the game does need FlashPlayer.

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Finally I got a screenshot of 1 of the problems.

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Thanks Yorri, That is the standard screen when Firefox restarts after for instance a crash.

You will need the flashplayer plugin to play your game but try Firefox in its safe mode.

If that works without crashing it may be an issue with Graphics drivers and potential more permanent fixes to try next would be disabling hardware acceleration, or preferably upgrading to a new working graphics driver

If that does not help something else to try is turning off FlashPlayers protected mode. That is now easy to do from the addons menu

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