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Share between several platforms, dual/multiple boot

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Hi here!! I review a lot of mozilla docs (out dated or without complete info), forums, googling ... about how to share firefox/thunderbird/ligthing data between platforms on dual/multiple boot system. Every user in same trouble are repeating (copy/paste) in the solution to share the SAME FULL PROFILE on all platforms. I review profile data and folders and I can see files and config data that are platform dependent; then I think that share FULL PROFILE between is not the best approach, for example Linux and Windows will produce several problems (and a lot of problems with the add-ons) In these same mozilla docs recommends to share only data and maintain custom profile for each platform, but not more info how to do it. Please can some kind advanced :) provide some info about the correct approach. Or a better tech info about how is possible the recommendation of sharing same profile between platforms without problems. Because with the current doc info, there is no way to get a clear answer (Almost I can't :~). Thx guys!

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Best is to use Sync if you want to share your personal data across different platforms and different OSs. There will always be files that have absolute path to files and use their own prefs.

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Any particular reason that you are using such an old version of Firefox?

You posted here with Firefox 20, while the current release version is Firefox 34. Many, many differences in data storage and the makeup of Profiles happened in the time between those two versions.

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cor-el said

Best is to use Sync if you want to share your personal data across different platforms and different OSs. There will always be files that have absolute path to files and use their own prefs.

Thanks, but we're looking for a local approach solution not cloud solution.

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the-edmeister said

Any particular reason that you are using such an old version of Firefox? You posted here with Firefox 20, while the current release version is Firefox 34. Many, many differences in data storage and the makeup of Profiles happened in the time between those two versions.

yep! just casual writing this post from a dev testing machine (sorry) ... But the question is for the latest version possible, of course.

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the-edmeister said

You can run your own Sync server. https://docs.services.mozilla.com/howtos/run-sync-1.5.html

we're looking for a local approach solution in dual boot systems, not cloud solution. If we've access to common file and databases, we think than it's possible without cloud or server service intermediate. But not clear explained in docs.

Upravil(a) tyler_durden_explorer dňa

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The Mozilla Developer Network documentation is here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/

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the-edmeister said

The Mozilla Developer Network documentation is here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/

Thanks, but As I said at first I reviewed mozilla docs too, but mozilla only do mention profiles content or management, but not how to share in multiple platforms or how profile must be created or be treated as cross-plattform.

https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profiles-where-firefox-stores-user-data https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Multiple_Firefox_Profiles

Some googling and bloging ... a lot of people are saying (repeating coping & pasting same solution), share complete profile between platforms, but this is not correct, in profile folder you can see platform dependent data as in the prefs.js file. And maybe, some schema database issues (but no info about it in mozilla)

I reviewed this doc and all their related links a couple of days ago:


I'm very apreciate some notes how to do second main way recomended, that sais:

" -- Share everything except for the settings, themes, and extensions. Separate profiles are created for each operating system to avoid problems in prefs.js due to Windows naming conventions... ... .... Each profile uses its own extensions directory for extensions and themes, so it doesn't matter if the extensions are operating system specific or not. "

The apparent only way to seem is to manually review all .ini and files and review all db schemas ... and manually overwritte they??. But I thin profile is "data", and data must be cross-platform... sure exist some more reliable approach to setup this on sharing platforms.

Upravil(a) tyler_durden_explorer dňa

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There is an add-on that Might be useful to you.

These add-ons can be a great help by backing up and restoring Firefox

FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) {web link} FEBE allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions, history, passwords, and more. In fact, it goes beyond just backing up -- It will actually rebuild your saved files individually into installable .xpi files. It will also make backup of files that you choose.

OPIE {web link} Import/Export extension preferences

You can set Febe up to save the data you want to share in a common folder. Then, when needed, access that folder from another computer / profile.

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Maybe some firefox dev can provide deeper info about how to manage this locally in the approach I explained. Meanwhile I review for full .ini, .js, .json, sechemas and try to bypass with symlink from linux to windows.

I'm very surprised for the non available serious info about this, because is very common setup nowadays.

I don't know if this thread can be push on dev forum or similar ...

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I will flag this post with an escalate tag. That will draw it to the attention of the Help Desk Admin staff, however I think the detailed discussion of this is probably out of the scope of this forum.

I note you are already aware of the MDN documentation, but that can not possibly cover everything, and is not always fully updated and complete.

You quoted mozillazine document,

That is from a separate none mozilla site, but it is highly respected and discusses many subjects not covered in this forum so maybe you would benefit from starting a thread on one of their fora. http://forums.mozillazine.org/

The automated cross platform method would be setting up your own sync server (Or I would be interested in any other method but I don't recall hearing about anything else).

Are you aware of ESR you may also find their mailing list a useful resource, and potentially somewhere to discuss this.

Other mailinglists etc.

I am sure somewhere this subject will be on topic, but I am not certain you will find the answer you hope for.

If you do find an answer to this I hope you will post back with a link.

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Thanks @John99, I appreciate your detailed answer.

I will search on these provide links too, I wait for some extended technical information from your post scalation (thanks!!). Meanwhile just building some symlinks and test (non serious test, I'm not the correct/full info to ensure correct working for full firefox insides and dependencies).

But, from what I see to now (always under my ignorance on knowledge of firefox insides), I think this would be procedured to an add-on or firefox option configuration.


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I suspect HelpDesk Staff may just be too busy to look at all escalated threads. Did you try asking on the mozillazine fora ?

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No, I can locate serious current info about it. But I'm just testing share only data on two diff platform profiles, maintaining each profile with symlink redirections to data source. Just with try/error, but not with all mozilla inside tech knowledgement. I'm very surprised for the non available serious tech info about this, because is very common setup nowadays. I'm very surprised don't found clear development rules about how to work with configuration profiles. Only can see profile folder and files info but not strict rules to align all app and plugin developers. Thx @john99 for your interest

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I will directly ping a member of helpdesk staff to see if anyone has any further ideas to help you.

As I mentioned before, asking your on direct question on Moxillazine is probably the best way to get have further discussion of this subject

Upravil(a) John99 dňa

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In the resource that you mentioned: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/d.../Multiple_Firefox_Profiles There is an option to use the Profile manager to manage multiple profiles locally. If you have a shared drive between the dual boot would Firefox detect the profile on the other partition is the question. (It does not on a VM as tested)

Linux X windows: http://www.jasom.net/how-to-use-same-firefox-profile-in-d... and http://lifehacker.com/348858/use-a-single-data-store-when-dual-bo...

All consistently they have mentioned "you have to make the Linux File System accessible from within Windows. " or vise versa

Sync server could be run locally? There is an option to create your own sync server, version 1.5: https://docs.services.mozilla.com/how.../run-sync-1.5.html

The storage part lists the api requests currently recognized: https://docs.services.mozilla.com/sto.../apis-1.5.html#concepts

However there are not alot of details for configuring profile differences, you are correct here.

I will keep asking as well.

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You will corrupt your profile folder if you use it between multiple operating systems because absolute file paths stop working. Maybe you can use a Hardlink or Symlink on Linux to point to files in the Windows profile to use the sane SQLite and JSON files. I don't know if this is possible on Windows.

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Forget about even reading this one that guigs2 mentioned - http://lifehacker.com/348858/use-a-single-data-store-when-dual-booting

That's from 1/25/08 - 7 years ago, before Firefox used places.sqlite DB for bookmarks.

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You are in for a bit of pain trying this.This sort of configuration is completely untested and any issues you run into are solely yours to deal with.

If you still want to bang your head against the wall. You probably want to make/use a NTFS partition for the Firefox profile location assuming you want to go ahead with this anyways.

You will run into problems where there are preferences that depend on the OS, such as middle click paste, how much text is selected when clicking into an UI element, how much text is selected when double or triple clicking, download file location, etc.

You will run into problems if you use any binary extensions as they are OS specific. There may be issues with plugins as there are different versions of plugins for different OS configurations.

Upravil(a) kbrosnan dňa

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Hi guys, thx a lot for your replies!

yep, I've already read this @guigs2 and @the-edmeister proposal documentation before.

I'm agree with @cor-el and @kbrosnan about profiles/configuration are not well designed to be shared between platforms. Paths, executables and other dependencies will put the setup into troubles.

We must think in more ambitious installation not only basic firefox setup. We're trying to setup a more complete mozilla solution into dual/multiple boot platform, as I comment in first post, like classical firefox/thunderbird/ligthing. When you do a review about those applications configuration profiles, see that profile folder is in the way to the solution, but it's not well ended for and not working correctly in these multiple environment.

We go on symlink pointing multiples files from one platform profile to another profile (or common profile) and maintain a own profile per each platform to manage custom platform dependencies. We believe it's the best approach currently. But like I said before, I believe that mozilla apps needs a profile rules directives to enforce apps and plugins development on same direction and then an accurate configuration will solve this and others troubles. Configuration sould be reviewed for a real data and configuration separation in more decoupled approach.

Thx guys, I think we can to be concluded that there is no information/documentation that we are looking for.

Thanks a lot ;)

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